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If you want not to be blocked, you need to know the Amazon account link

2021-02-07 527
As an Amazon seller, account linking is a topic that cannot be avoided.

Especially for novice sellers, account association is a very mysterious thing.

There are also many sellers asking questions in my private circle, asking themselves whether a series of recent actions will cause account association.

Today I will give you a detailed account connection.

1. What is Amazon account association
Among Amazon's major global sites, there are currently 7 sites where Chinese sellers can apply for an account independently.
Let me explain one point first. The so-called account association refers to the association of the same site.
That is, Amazon does not allow the same seller to open more than one store on the same site.
If you register for different sites such as the US, Europe, Japan, etc. at the same time, this is allowed by Amazon's rules.
Now Amazon’s policy even strongly encourages you to do multiple sites around the world. The more sites you open, the happier Amazon will be.
But on the same site, such as the US site, the same seller is only allowed to register one store.
Amazon will use corresponding technical means to analyze the big data information of each store, and use this information to determine whether there is an association between these stores.
So, why does Amazon not allow sellers to hold multiple stores on the same site?
The main reason is to maintain a good shopping experience and prevent sellers from holding multiple accounts to disrupt good market rules.
Just imagine, when you search for a product, if the search interface shows the same products provided by the same seller, how would you feel as a consumer?
Just like the search interface below, would you be disappointed when you read it?

2. How does Amazon determine the association
Amazon's determination of associated stores is the automatic identification and determination of the system.
Therefore, when your store is determined to be associated, it is difficult to say which factor triggered the association.
It may be triggered by a single factor, or it may be triggered by a comprehensive judgment of multiple factors.

The factors that Amazon determines the account connection are roughly as follows:

If you want not to be blocked, you need to know the Amazon account link

(1) Hardware part
The hardware part mainly includes computer, network cable IP address, network card MAC, router information, hard disk information, etc.

(2) Software part
The software part mainly includes the browser, cookie record, input method, storage path, browsing habits, etc.
The software part is a secondary factor for Amazon to identify and determine the association. The seller will not be determined to be associated because of this factor alone. The software part can only be used as an auxiliary factor to determine the association.

(3) Product information
If you have several Amazon accounts, the products you sell are exactly the same, and the products are basically the same in terms of category, price, operation method, and content of the detail page, then Amazon is also very likely to compare through big data. It is considered that there is a certain connection between these accounts.

3. What are the consequences of determining the association
Amazon's processing methods for accounts that have been determined to be linked sometimes vary from person to person.
If your several seller accounts on a certain site are determined to be linked, and the listings between your linked stores are basically the same, Amazon may force some of your listings to be removed.
If the products sold between your linked accounts are all different, and the performance of each account is not bad, then these accounts may continue to exist in peace for the time being.
However, in the extreme case, if one of these linked accounts is closed due to violations, then all your stores will be wiped out.
This is absolutely certain.
In addition, there are more and more stores being closed by Amazon, so store association is still a more dangerous thing.

4. How can multi-account sellers prevent association
Since account association is so dangerous, in order to avoid this risk, sellers who operate with multiple accounts must learn the following anti-association techniques.
At present, the most important anti-association methods in the industry mainly include the following three.

The first, simplest and rude way
That is to equip each store with an independent network cable and computer to achieve complete "insulation" between each store.
This method is feasible for sellers with only two or three stores, but the price is that it may cost more money.

The second is the VPS virtual machine
This is currently the most mainstream anti-association method for multi-account sellers.
Virtual machines are usually registered by purchasing packages. You can choose packages with different prices according to different network speeds and hard disk space.
The working principle of the virtual machine is very simple. It divides a server into multiple VPS virtual machines. After the division, each virtual machine can have an independent IP address and hard disk space, and each virtual machine can execute programs and instructions independently.
So as long as this virtual machine has never been used by Amazon sellers, then this virtual machine will not have associated problems at all.
There are many vendors that provide VPS, such as Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, etc. There are also many choices on Taobao.

The third type is the super browser
Compared with virtual machines, super browsers are a new thing, and they have not been on the Amazon platform for too long.
Super browsers generally require the seller to make a paid purchase first, and then after the seller logs in in the background, they will be assigned an independent login environment and a clean IP address.
Then if you select multiple Amazon accounts to log in at the same time, the super browser will log in and operate each store with a separate page and an independent environment, and isolate the related factors between each store.
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