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Collection of QA Operations by Amazon (1764-1773)

2021-02-07 582
Q1764: I have a trademark that has been registered in my store brand, but it is not mine. Now I have to let the previous owner resell it to me. When the time comes, I change the owner. Do I need to re-brand for the record?
No need to re-file. If the brand owner is a brand administrator, he applies to add your account as Right Owner and Administrator. After you get the identity, you can delete his account identity.

Q1765: Can a brand that has been successfully registered on Amazon still be revoked?
The brand in question (there are serious violation records on Amazon) cannot be revoked, and the brand with no problem can open a case and ask the brand customer service to apply for cancellation.

Q1766: Does Amazon Chinese customer service also have a holiday during the Spring Festival?

The email will still be answered, but the time limit may not be so fast.

Collection of QA Operations by Amazon (1764-1773)

Q1767: Will changing the store name trigger the second trial?
Modifying the store name normally will not trigger the second trial.

Q1768: Will my email be associated with multiple IP addresses? The store account has not yet been applied for and is waiting for the manager to issue a link.
It doesn’t matter if the mailbox has been logged in in different places, it will not cause Amazon store association.

Q1769: The company name written in Pinyin when registering the store name, can it be changed after registration?
It can be changed.

Q1770: How long does Amazon category review generally take?
Amazon category review generally takes about 1-2 weeks after the initial review of the materials submitted. After the initial review is passed, the UPC code and product information must be submitted to pass the final review. Generally, it takes about one month for preliminary review and re-examination to pass the final review.
The specific review time also depends on the accuracy of the information submitted by the seller. If submitted back and forth, the review time will be longer.

Q1771: I want to send the goods directly to third-party customers, without the customer placing an order on Amazon, and only let the customer provide the address, can I create a removal order and send it there?
Occasionally one or two times is fine, but do not do this frequently.

Q1772: I have a box of small and light items to send, but my box is too large. Can I use the box of the juicer I bought on Taobao to ship it? There are other brands' trademarks and other words on the box, which are black and white. Does Amazon have any requirements for the outer box?
The text on the outer box should not be too much or messy. To be on the safe side, you can use yellow tape to stick the text on it.

Q1773: Can the waiting order be understood as Amazon review order? How long is this review cycle?
According to Amazon’s official explanation, an order in the [waiting] state may indicate a problem with the buyer’s payment method or convenience store payment method. In some cases, Amazon’s payment and order details verification process may extend order processing time to 21 days.
If the buyer has not completed the payment within 21 days, Amazon will cancel the order, which will not affect the seller's account.
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