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How to contact seller support for Amazon account freeze? How to restore a frozen Amazon account?

2021-02-07 520
How to contact seller support for Amazon account freeze? Amazon sellers often encounter problems that they cannot solve by themselves. At this time, they usually open a CASE to contact Amazon customer service to solve them.

1. Amazon seller service email support
Amazon also recommends that sellers first find a way to solve the problem by opening a case. If the seller’s problem is communicated by sending an email, it will cause too many emails to affect the progress of the problem in the long term, and the mailbox will become invalid or invalid.
Amazon-related emails may be general template responses. At this time, sellers are required to have more patience. Amazon receives many emails every day, so it is best to clearly express the questions and store emails in the emails.
If Amazon makes it clear that it will not reply to you, it is usually useless to send the email again.

2. Amazon seller service phone support
So how to restore a frozen Amazon account?

In the Amazon freeze email, it will only mention that your product has been taken off the shelves and the sales funds have been frozen. Once the account has been frozen, it is necessary to understand the relevant requirements and methods.

How to contact seller support for Amazon account freeze? How to restore a frozen Amazon account?

1. Amazon has allowed 17 days for customers to appeal. Amazon only provides the ASIN code of the product complained by the buyer, and does not provide specific information. Sellers need to review the ASIN code, check sales history, customer feedback, etc., to figure out why the account is frozen.
2. After checking the obvious elements such as orders, feedback and notifications, then check other possible indicators, such as product reviews, return status, supplier background, product quality, and inspection process.
3. Make an outline when writing the POA, listing all the important content. Once you know the problem, you must make it clear to Amazon that you have understood the reasons for the account freeze. If you want to unfreeze the account, you must provide a feasible plan to ensure that you will not repeat the same mistakes, and provide corrective and preventive measures for every problem.
4. Make changes as soon as possible to tell Amazon that you have started to solve the problem. For example, starting from a small point, you can upgrade the inventory management system, and from a big point, you can change the courier company and supplier.
5. The purpose of the appeal is to show Amazon that you already know exactly why the account has been frozen, admit that it violated the policy, and provide an action plan to make Amazon believe that it will not violate the policy again.
6. After clicking "Appeal Decision", you will wait for Amazon's decision. This may take several weeks. During this period, you can communicate with customers, monitor various performance indicators, and put the action plan into practice, so as not to be caught off guard after the results come out.
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