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How do plastic speakers compare with wooden speakers

2021-11-08 1635
"Why can't the sound effects of large expensive plastic speakers compare to cheap wood effects?"

Next, I will give you the answer:

If you want to say that friends who buy low-cost computers now, they must be careful and don't spend a penny indiscriminately. How to use limited funds to choose a satisfactory speaker is indeed a very troublesome task.

There are two types of stereo speakers: bookshelf and 2.1-channel speakers. Bookshelf speakers are actually 2.0 channels, with strong high-fidelity effects and excellent music playback capabilities. Generally speaking, the sound playback effects are more realistic, so they are expensive and suitable for people who are looking for sound quality.

2.1 to 2.0 speakers add a subwoofer, which adds a large degree of rendering to the sound quality, especially the strong bass performance, which is more suitable for listening to pop music, but the mid-to-high frequency effect is inferior to 2.0. In the current market, it occupies a large share of the market and is suitable for general consumers.

Like the above question, it is not difficult to explain. The high-quality wood material means that it is strong and durable, and the unique pattern of the wood shows a noble and elegant temperament, which is an important criterion for measuring furniture. But for speakers, this is not necessarily the case.

The cabinet is an important factor that determines the performance of the speaker. The ideal speaker enclosure should be a rigid body, so as to ensure that the sound will not deteriorate due to the vibration of the enclosure. Therefore, the degree of rigidity of the box determines whether it is prone to vibrate, thereby deteriorating the sound. Generally speaking, plastic boxes are indeed prone to resonance, while wood is much better. Currently popular 2-channel computer speakers are mostly wooden shells, but in fact this shell is made of high-density plywood (particle board) covered with wood veneer.

Our common speaker panels, especially the high-quality large-brand 2.0 speakers, mostly use medium-density panels (MDF). If a medium-density panel is used, many manufacturers will advertise in the product advertisements, and even mark the thickness of the panel; and Some low-end speakers use particleboard. I am afraid that manufacturers will not publicize it.

As for the speakers made of solid wood panels, that is a rather nonsense thing. In fact, real solid wood speakers are very rare even in Hi-Fi products. Because wood materials that can meet the characteristics of density and uniformity required by the manufacture of speakers are extremely rare, and the manufacturing cost is very expensive, it is even more unlikely to be applied to multimedia speakers that are not profitable. Compared with plastic boxes, wooden boxes are easier to obtain better acoustic performance. The fiber composition and physical structure of MDF also determine that it has certain advantages in eliminating resonance. In addition, the wooden box body is not easy to break through the square shape in appearance due to the characteristics of the density plate itself, and there are relatively few changes. However, because there is no mold, the wooden box body is suitable for miniaturized production. Since the medium density itself is a regular industrialized product, there are also a large number of raw materials available in the country, and it is suitable for batch processing, so it is also very suitable for large-scale industrialized speaker manufacturing.

How do plastic speakers compare with wooden speakers

Many friends believe that plastic shells must be worse than wooden shells. In fact, plastic boxes are indeed prone to cause resonance, resulting in a decline in sound quality, and wood fiberboard can effectively alleviate this problem. But having said that, not all plastics actually cause resonance. In fact, many foreign home theaters with a price of more than 10,000 yuan use plastic boxes. This is mainly because the domestic material science is not well developed. At present, we are unable to develop cheap and suitable plastic materials for the manufacture of cabinets for the time being.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with what we usually call wooden speakers better than plastic speakers. But things are not absolute. Under the current technology, some speakers made of high-quality plastic are still very good. As far as the current situation is concerned, wood can be relatively "sound" than plastic, but plastics will definitely be the mainstream in the future, because plastics have the advantages of easy molding and low price, which is unmatched by wood materials.

We can draw the conclusion that even wooden speakers are divided into many types, so it cannot be said that the sound quality of plastic speakers is not good. In particular, some famous brand-name plastic speakers with considerable sales have stable production quality, and perhaps the sound quality performance will be more than that of ordinary wooden speakers. Therefore, when choosing speakers, we should still choose based on the principle of hearing.
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