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Comparing multimedia speakers and professional speakers

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The history of speakers can be traced back to 1837, starting with Page's application of electromagnetic sound, and then slowly developing, to the present various types of speakers. With the rapid development of speakers, more and more people like speakers. Many people regard it as a symbol of taste. A pair of gorgeous speakers is placed in a well-decorated room, which adds a lot of color to the room. Maybe multimedia speakers are a kind of speakers we are more familiar with. In fact, professional speakers are also a kind of speakers that are very close to our lives. Although we know very little about it, we guarantee that everyone has used professional speakers. I believe everyone has been to movie theaters, music concerts, theaters, etc. All professional speakers are used in these places, but they are all installed in inconspicuous corners or concealed in the walls, so there is no Get everyone's attention. In fact, there are many differences between multimedia speakers and professional speakers. Today, I will give you a detailed interpretation and see what are the differences between the two types of speakers closest to our lives?   There are many differences between multimedia speakers and professional speakers. There are differences in almost every aspect, from the appearance of the cabinet, the speaker unit, the internal structure of the cabinet to the sound quality of the speakers. Below, the editor will interpret for everyone from these aspects one by one. Friends who are interested can pay special attention to the characteristics of professional speakers when entering and leaving the movie theater or theater theater.

The classification between the two speakers

Multimedia speakers and professional speakers are the two major categories of speakers. Multimedia speakers generally refer to civilian speakers, which are the most commonly used speakers in our homes. They pay more attention to fashion and musical taste, and require both appearance design and fidelity. Very high. If it is subdivided, there are roughly two categories: one is HIFI-level speakers, and the other is cinema-level speakers. Professional speakers generally refer to commercial speakers, that is, speakers that provide services to the public in public places. They pay more attention to practicality and require high volume and clarity of sound reproduction. If you want to subdivide them, you can also roughly divide them into Two types: one type is a sound reinforcement speaker, and the other type is a monitor speaker. Each of these types of speakers has its own characteristics, and each has its own uses. I will elaborate on it.

Comparing multimedia speakers and professional speakers

Professional PA speaker
Professional sound reinforcement speakers are not as strong as the HiFi speakers. Professional speakers pay more attention to the characteristics of high power, wide frequency band, and high sound pressure level. They also have higher requirements for the directivity of the speakers. Strong directivity, because professional speakers are mostly used in some large rooms, strong directivity can improve the working efficiency of the speakers. In contrast, the sensitivity of professional speakers is also relatively high. The biggest difference between professional speakers and multimedia speakers is the dynamic problem. Professional speakers have higher requirements for large dynamics of subwoofers, such as explosions in movies and discotheque bass drums. The frequency can be as low as 20Hz, and the sound pressure level can be as high as 110dB, even so, professional speakers can be well controlled.

Professional monitor speaker quality
Professional monitor speakers have the highest sound quality requirements, and they have extremely high fidelity and good dynamic characteristics, and there is no modification or exaggeration. For this reason, people often think that professional monitor speakers are the least "Individual" speakers. Monitor speakers are highly functional speakers, mainly to provide services for recording engineers or tuner, to check the recording or audio program at any time problems, can be quickly corrected. Generally better monitor speakers have higher resolution, which can assist the recording engineer or tuner to find the errors in the program, which is not possible with ordinary speakers. Because monitor speakers have demanding sound quality requirements, they are also expensive and often appear in sound control rooms in some recording studios or theaters.
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