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Bluetooth Speaker

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Bluetooth speakers refer to audio equipment with built-in Bluetooth chips that replace traditional wire connections with Bluetooth connections. By connecting with Bluetooth playback devices such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks, it is convenient and quick.
At present, Bluetooth speakers are mainly portable speakers, and their appearance is generally small and portable. Bluetooth speaker technology has gradually been valued and accepted by consumers due to its convenient characteristics. Common Bluetooth speakers on the market are mostly mono speakers (single speaker unit). ), and some excellent sound quality multi-channel speakers (two or more speaker units) have also emerged.

Bluetooth speakers are the application of Bluetooth technology to traditional digital and multimedia speakers, allowing users to avoid the annoying wires and listen to music in a variety of ways. Since the advent of Bluetooth speakers, with the development of smart terminals, it has attracted widespread attention from users such as mobile phones and tablets. Bluetooth technology (Bluetooth) makes it possible to make speakers wireless. Various well-known brands have launched many "Bluetooth speakers" with a variety of shapes. Consumers can have them for a price ranging from tens of yuan to more than 3,000 yuan. Super stylish and convenient Bluetooth speaker.

Related introduction
Bluetooth is a low-cost and large-capacity short-range wireless communication specification. Bluetooth laptops are laptops with Bluetooth wireless communication capabilities. There is a legend about the name Bluetooth. In the 10th century AD, when the princes of northern Europe were fighting for hegemony, the King of Denmark stepped forward. With his unremitting efforts, the bloody war was stopped and all parties sat at the negotiating table. Through communication, the princes relieved their suspicions and became friends. Because the king of Denmark loves to eat blueberries so much that his teeth are dyed blue, he is called the king of Bluetooth, so Bluetooth has become synonymous with communication. Today, a thousand years later, when a new wireless communication specification was introduced, people used Bluetooth to name it.
In 1995, Ericsson first proposed the Bluetooth concept. The Bluetooth specification uses microwave frequency bands, with a transmission rate of 1M bytes per second, and a maximum transmission distance of 10 meters. The transmission power can be increased to 100 meters. Bluetooth technology is open globally,
There is good compatibility within the enclosure, and the whole world can be connected through a low-cost invisible Bluetooth network.

Bluetooth technology is not only used in computers. Many electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, printers, fax machines, home appliances, etc. can use Bluetooth technology to achieve wireless connectivity without having to drag a tail (connecting line). With the popularization of Bluetooth technology, you no longer have to worry about wiring of electrical appliances when decorating your home; when using home appliances, you don’t have to worry about a lot of remote controls. You can do everything with a mobile phone or a car key. The company's work arrangements and the pictures of family members at home can be obtained anytime and anywhere; there is no need to queue for check-in and payment, pass near the payment point, and can be easily completed without entering the door... The wide application of Bluetooth technology will make our life extremely easy.

With the rapid development of Bluetooth smartphones and tablet computers in 2012, consumers have been amazed by their performance and screens. Affected by the size, speakers alone have no good solutions. Hearing is also one of the most important human perceptions, and consumers are increasingly demanding this part. The bluetooth speaker takes advantage of the trend, and the portable way, wireless transmission, and stylish appearance are strongly loved by consumers.
Unlike other wireless speakers, Bluetooth speakers have their unique characteristics: [1]
1. Widely used
Bluetooth technology specifications are unified globally. Mobile phones, PDAs, wireless headsets, notebook computers, automobiles, medical equipment, computer peripherals and many other devices, as long as you have a Bluetooth adapter, you can easily connect to Bluetooth devices for data transmission or voice communication. , Good compatibility.
2. Easy to operate
Bluetooth technology is an instant technology. It does not require a fixed infrastructure, and is easy to install and set up. It does not require cables to connect. It is very convenient to use. It can be put into use only by simply completing the pairing, and the operating threshold is low.
3. Faster transmission speed
Compared with other methods such as infrared, the Bluetooth transmission protocol has obvious advantages in speed. The theoretical maximum speed of Bluetooth 4.0 reaches 24Mbps. A faster speed can guarantee higher sound quality and make it have enough capacity to carry higher bit rates. Music.
4. Moderate transmission distance
The transmission distance of Bluetooth is generally within 10 meters, which is exactly the size of a room, and can transmit data across walls, which is very suitable for home use.
Although there are many advantages, the Bluetooth transmission protocol, like other 2.4G devices, shares signals in this frequency band, which inevitably leads to signal interference. In addition, the Bluetooth protocol is not a free technology. Any manufacturer using this technology has to pay a patent fee to the organization, and this part of the fee will also be reflected in the cost. In 2012, the price of Bluetooth audio equipment was still high. For ordinary products.

At present, there are many Bluetooth headset products on the market, and relatively few Bluetooth speakers. The so-called Bluetooth speaker actually refers to the speaker that relies on the Bluetooth transmission protocol as the carrier for data transmission. Since most mobile devices (mobile phones, notebooks, tablet computers) are equipped with Bluetooth chips, no data cable or audio cable connection is required. It is quickly recognized, easy to operate, and easy to connect.
From the perspective of sound quality performance, the effective audio data volume of CD sound quality data (44.1KHz sampling rate, 16bit sampling accuracy) is about 1.4Mbit. To transmit CD sound quality music signals, the transmission rate only needs to be maintained at 2Mbit per second. The "2.1+EDR" specification is sufficient. Moreover, because such products often follow the mature acoustic structure of traditional speakers, and realize wireless playback after integrating the Bluetooth module, their sound quality performance is equivalent to that of speakers of the same level.
In terms of specifications, although the Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 standard has been proposed, the former is mainly reflected in the Bluetooth radio frequency modulation method in line with Wi-Fi, and the latter is reflected in the application of automatic power control, that is, low power consumption. Two versions reflect the progress of Bluetooth technology, but have little connection with audio applications. From the point of view of chip-level applications, it is suitable for version 3.0/4.0.
The mainstream Bluetooth speakers all use the A2DP stereo protocol. In 2012, smartphones, tablets and other devices all support the A2DP protocol. Therefore, from the perspective of use, Bluetooth speakers have no obstacles.

Although the compatibility of Bluetooth speakers basically supports 100% of existing Bluetooth devices, you still have to check whether your playback device supports Bluetooth before buying.

Transmission distance
The transmission distance of Bluetooth speakers is also a problem that everyone is more concerned about. The transmission distance of the Bluetooth speaker has nothing to do with the Bluetooth version, but mainly depends on the advanced level of technology. The standard transmission distance of PowerClass2 is 10 meters; the upgraded PowerClass1 will increase the transmission distance to 100 meters and provide Hi-Fi stereo effects. Generally speaking, the distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth speaker is not too far, and the safer transmission distance is about 10 meters. The Bluetooth speakers on the market have reached the 10-meter standard.

When consumers purchase Bluetooth speakers, they often see numbers such as Bluetooth 1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, etc. These numbers represent different versions and also represent the anti-interference ability of Bluetooth speakers. In 2012, 2.0 was the most common, 3.0 was the new mainstream, and 4.0 was just recently launched. The different versions of Bluetooth are related to the quality of the received signal. The new version emphasizes the ability to overcome noise interference. The new version can be backward compatible, consumers should consider the price and demand when purchasing.
Built-in battery
All Bluetooth digital speakers have built-in batteries, making them truly wireless. The quality of the built-in battery directly determines the playback time and service life of the Bluetooth digital speaker. Please carefully ask about the actual playing time and the number of repeated charging and attenuation before purchasing. Consumers are advised to choose lithium polymer batteries as much as possible when choosing Bluetooth speakers, as there is no danger of explosion.

Battery type:
1) Polymer battery
Advantages: safe and efficient, no explosion hazard in the soft package.
Disadvantages: There are many types, and the price difference between pure cobalt (good) and pure manganese (poor) polymer batteries is several times.
2) 18650 battery
Advantages: excellent performance, can reach the top level in charge and discharge (mostly used for laptop batteries), explosion protection
Disadvantages: There are more disassembled batteries and old batteries. The same 18650 battery is good and bad, the difference is 5-10 times
3) Aluminum shell battery
Advantages: very cheap
Disadvantages: poor performance. Without any explosion-proof measures, the consequences of an explosion would be disastrous.

Battery protection board:
1) The charging and discharging protection of the battery protection board of the brand-name battery is relatively poor, and it is unstable and easy to damage the battery cell and electronic equipment.
2) Unstable current output not only affects sound quality, but also causes loud current sound.
A good quality battery can reach 80% of the initial capacity after 500 times of charging and discharging. Poor quality batteries cannot even reach 50% of their initial capacity after 100 cycles of charging and discharging.

Bluetooth Speaker

It can be divided into several types based on pronunciation unit and purpose.
The first category: mini portable type with single speaker
Mini portable bluetooth speakers are mainly divided into a speaker, a speaker + a bass radiator, a speaker + an inverting hole and a speaker diaphragm in terms of sound unit. In terms of function, it is mainly divided into ordinary monocular mini bluetooth speakers and outdoor mini bluetooth speakers.

Ordinary monocular mini bluetooth speaker
This simple monocular Bluetooth speaker is most prosperous in the initial stage of Bluetooth speakers. Because of the simple structure and process, no special technical support is required, it attracts a large number of manufacturers to produce. Because of the low price, it is very popular with people who are new to Bluetooth speakers. There are countless such speakers on the market at a time. It has made a lot of credit for people to know and be familiar with Bluetooth speakers. However, due to its own constraints such as too small sound cavity, severe product homogeneity, and low price, it is difficult to make breakthroughs in the sound quality of speakers, and the battery life is relatively short, mostly between 2 and 3 hours. The use of speakers is very limited, and most of them can only be used in fixed places. Most of its users have no requirements for sound quality, so low-cost ordinary single-tube Bluetooth speakers are easy for the public to buy.

Outdoor single tube mini bluetooth speaker
Since ordinary mini Bluetooth speakers are difficult to meet the requirements of the outdoor environment, outdoor mini Bluetooth speakers came into being. It is wireless, portable, and can be used at home and outdoors. It can meet the basic waterproof and drop-proof requirements, and can meet simple outdoor sports. However, due to the limitation of its small size, its sound quality cannot have a major breakthrough. There have been breakthroughs in portability and water resistance. The battery life is generally 3 to 5 hours and can only be used for short outdoor activities. As a transitional product of outdoor Bluetooth speakers, its price is relatively cheap. The main advantages of this kind of speakers are small, portable, and easy to carry, but the other side of the accompanying small and exquisite is the general sound quality, poor bass, and short battery life.
The second category: the perfect combination of dual speakers' sound quality and portability
This kind of Bluetooth speaker mainly has two speakers, two speakers + one diaphragm, two speakers + phase inversion hole, two speakers + two diaphragms, etc. in terms of sound unit. In terms of function, it is mainly divided into mini home Bluetooth speakers and outdoor sports Bluetooth speakers.

Mini Home Bluetooth Speaker
This type of speaker has a greater degree of improvement in sound quality, which can basically meet the needs of the vast majority of people, unless you are demanding very professional sound quality. Its sound quality is better, compact and portable, basically palm-sized, suitable for home placement, and diverse product designs are a good Bluetooth speaker. However, because it is not specifically designed for outdoor sports, the product has a general grip and does not have the function of waterproof and drop resistance, so the main venue is indoors.

Outdoor sports Bluetooth speaker
Outdoor sports type is an upstart in the Bluetooth speaker market. He combines the various advantages of the previous speakers. The speaker has a good grip and is portable, which can satisfy home use and long-term outdoor use. Due to the relatively high requirements for professional technology and the use of materials, there are generally only a few large brands of business design and production, the workmanship is more detailed, the materials are more sophisticated, and there is a certain degree of technical support. Its sound quality can reach a relatively high level, better than ordinary Bluetooth speakers, and can satisfy most users. Due to the need to meet some extreme outdoor environments, this type of product is specially designed in terms of materials, and generally has a strong three-proof function, and its battery life is long-lasting, generally between 10-20 hours. The price ranges from 400 to 1500 yuan. This kind of speaker that combines portability and sound quality is very practical and applicable, and will become the mainstream of the Bluetooth speaker market in the future.

The third category: large-scale home with multiple speakers
Multi-speaker large home Bluetooth speaker
Multi-speaker large-scale home Bluetooth speakers are mainly known for their sound quality and are relatively expensive. Based on high-demand technical support, it is generally designed and produced for big brand merchants. What this kind of Bluetooth speaker is pursuing is an unlimited breakthrough in sound quality, so it is aimed at users who have higher requirements for sound quality. Because of the high price, it is relatively small.
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