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Speaker attention issues

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The speaker is the terminal of the entire sound system, and its function is to convert audio energy into corresponding sound energy and radiate it to the space. It is an extremely important part of the sound system, because it is responsible for the key task of converting electrical signals into acoustic signals for human ears to listen directly to. It has to directly deal with human hearing, which is very sensitive. And has a strong ability to distinguish the timbre of complex sounds. Since the human ear’s subjective perception of sound is the most important criterion for evaluating the sound quality of an audio system, it can be considered that the performance of speakers plays a key role in the playback quality of an audio system. What I want to talk about here are the issues that need to be paid attention to in the use of speakers.

1. High-quality monitor speakers are expensive, but don't think that using it for sound reinforcement can improve the quality of the program. In fact, it is a faulty device. Not only does it have no ability to modify the program, but it also exposes many defects. The monitor speakers do not have the powerful power, endurance and constant direction characteristics of the sound reinforcement box, and the sensitivity is much lower than that of the sound reinforcement box and cannot provide the maximum sound pressure level.

2. If the speaker is working at the maximum input power for a long time, the voice coil may be burnt out due to the temperature reaching over one hundred degrees. Therefore, it is necessary to have an input power that can ensure the speaker to work normally for a long time, that is, the rated input power. This data will be given in the equipment data. The important thing is to strictly implement it in use, and when the sound reinforcement effect is not satisfactory The first consideration should be to change the configuration, rather than simply increase the power.

Speaker attention issues

3. If the sound reinforcement speaker is used improperly, it is easy to cause howling. In order to reduce the scattered sound and improve the clarity, try to point the active area of the speaker to the audience's seating direction.

4. Multiple speakers are often used at the same time during work. When connecting them, you must pay attention to the polarity. All speakers should have the same polarity. If the connected speakers have different polarities, the sound output will interfere with each other and it will sound low. Inadequate, obviously discordant.
5. The power between the amplifier and the speaker should be matched. The overall sound quality of the reproduced sound depends not only on the characteristics of the speakers, but also on the output and load characteristics of the amplifier. If the sound is not ideal, don't just think that there is a problem with the speaker, but first consider whether there is a problem with the amplification system connected to it.

As the last link of the audio system, speakers should be carefully selected according to the actual situation and used correctly to perfectly reproduce the required sound.
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