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How to identify the true and false treble of speakers

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When consumers buy speakers, they should not only pay attention to their stylish appearance, but also the actual effect of the speaker's sound effects, and the identification of the high pitch is the most important. How to distinguish the quality of the speaker's treble? Three simple tricks: look, touch, and listen.

Look-there is a gap between the diaphragm and the panel. When designing speakers, many businesses continue to introduce a variety of colorful, stylish products, especially the high-pitched design of some speakers is very beautiful and distinctive. But also because of the beautiful appearance of these characteristics, it also provides us with the key to distinguish the sound of the speaker. It can be seen from the appearance that the problematic speakers are rough and shoddy, but for some of the more exquisitely manufactured speakers, which can even be fake speakers in appearance, it is not so easy to distinguish them. In this regard, the best practice is to check whether there is a gap between the diaphragm and the panel. Generally speaking, due to the high-speed operation of the loudspeaker, the diaphragm will vibrate. At this time, manufacturers generally leave a gap between the diaphragm and the panel. On the contrary, it is difficult to see obvious gaps when the diaphragm and the panel are bonded by means of glue.

How to identify the true and false treble of speakers

Touch-the diaphragm feels soft. Touch the diaphragm with your hand, and feel a thin layer, soft to the touch, generally licensed. And some low-quality speakers made of other textures will feel a bit stiff to the touch. In most cases, this trick is useful. Of course, pay attention to the intensity of the touch, and it is best not to be seen by the store. However, many manufacturers in order to protect the speakers, especially for fear of damage to the speaker diaphragm due to external impact, they will add a protective baffle outside the diaphragm, so that it is difficult for users to touch the diaphragm, let alone judge the speaker’s performance. It's true and false.

Listen-the high pitch is stable. Choose a song with richer treble to play. When you hear the treble, you need to pay attention to putting your ears closer to the speaker. At this time, listen carefully to see if the speaker will make noises such as "chichi" and "chirp". Obviously, a loudspeaker with a lot of noise indicates that the diaphragm is unstable and the sound transmission effect is not good, and its quality can be imagined. On the contrary, the high-pitched performance is stable, and the speaker with no noise is a product worth buying.
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