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How to choose a Bluetooth speaker correctly

2021-10-12 488
Bluetooth speakers have swept the entire audio market with its thunderous momentum. With the fierce competition in the market for how to choose Bluetooth speakers, various differentiated products have emerged, and market refinement is an inevitable trend. There are roughly three types of bluetooth speakers for different applications: portable bluetooth speakers, outdoor bluetooth speakers, points to pay attention to when buying bluetooth speakers, and home bluetooth speakers.

How to choose a high-quality Bluetooth speaker with such a huge speaker system? In fact, as long as you choose from the following aspects, you can find a Bluetooth speaker that satisfies you.

1. Sound quality: The dual-channel speaker unit is better than the single-channel speaker in terms of audio structure or physical cavity. Good sound quality has higher requirements for speakers. Due to the structure of the sound cavity, small monocular speakers generally cannot achieve good sound quality expression. When purchasing any speaker, you need to listen to its sound effects in person. If a speaker can achieve a strong sense of balance in each frequency band, not dry or scattered; high frequency is clear and beautiful and transparent, mid-frequency vocal expression is true and moist, and low frequency is strong and powerful and has enough potential. Then she can interpret any music nine times out of ten.
We can also use some data as a reference. If the maximum decibel is lower than 80, such sound effects are not suitable for carrying out. The larger the value of the signal-to-noise ratio, the stronger the anti-interference ability and the better the fidelity effect. It is recommended to generally choose speakers with a signal-to-noise ratio of not less than 70dB.

Second, the function: The speaker is not as much as possible for the placement of functions. The addition of some functions may even become a tasteless. For example, some speakers on the market have the function of shaking and changing songs, and the song is cut accidentally, which not only disappoints but also affects the mood. Some functions are more user-friendly when added. For example, the addition of hands-free function can not only prevent radiation, but also make it easier to answer calls. Some outdoor Bluetooth speakers have a three-proof function, which is also a very good function. In fact, this function is also applicable to any place. I believe everyone will like the sturdy and durable speakers. Therefore, it is recommended to refer to this item when purchasing.

How to choose a Bluetooth speaker correctly

Third, battery life: any electronic product is the same, the longer the battery life, the better. Under normal use, the battery life of the Bluetooth speaker should be at least 8 hours. Here you need to pay attention to the battery capacity, battery capacity = use time × equipment power ÷ battery voltage, so the larger the capacity, the longer the battery life. Taking two-channel speakers as the column, their power is concentrated between 4~8W. If you want to achieve the ideal playback time, the battery capacity should be more than 1500mAh.

4. Portability: This is for portable bluetooth speakers, which brand is better than outdoor speakers. It is not that the smaller the size, the easier it is to carry. Choosing an easy-to-carry speaker depends on the fit of the speaker, which needs to be easy to carry under any circumstances. At this point, the round shape is better than the square shape.

V. Material: A good Bluetooth speaker must be exquisite materials and exquisite craftsmanship. There are a lot of shoddy bluetooth speakers on the market, which not only fail the quality inspection, but also cause harm to people. For example, many paints contain excessive lead, and these materials will unknowingly affect people's health. Therefore, the quality inspection certificate should be read clearly when purchasing. For the product process, you need to observe the details of the speaker, such as the regularity of the button edge, the fineness of the mold line, the feel of the material, and so on. The exquisite product process can be seen through careful observation.
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