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Count down the sound quality advantages of coaxial speakers

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Generally speaking, all sounds produced in nature have harmonics, through which we can know the type and sound quality of the signal source. The harmonics of a single note can be extended beyond the listening range, and a basic note with a fundamental frequency within the range of the woofer will reproduce many harmonic components through the tweeter. If the tweeters are separated independently, then the fundamental frequency of the note heard in most listening positions will have a lot of time differences with its harmonics, no matter in time or space, so the sound cannot be accurately reproduced , This is a big problem faced by general multi-frequency division systems. The coaxial speaker maintains the harmonic structure of the complex sound, and makes the harmonics of each order perfectly synthesized when the sound is radiated, and the reproduced sound image is natural and lifelike.
The coaxial speaker system maintains the harmonic structure of complex sounds

In a multi-unit speaker system, different frequencies of the same sound are reproduced by different units, and they are placed in different positions. This is equivalent to different starting points of the fundamental wave and the harmonics, even if there is a fundamental wave plus infinite harmonics. The sine wave cannot be synthesized into a square wave in the end, so it does not conform to the sound characteristics of a point sound source. An important but often overlooked feature of a coaxial speaker is that it is designed to be a fully integrated unit. Not only does the mid-to-treble unit radiate sound waves from the throat of the horn formed by the bass vibration, its woofer unit and the mid-to-treble unit The unit uses the same set of magnetic circuit system. The two units vibrate independently and depend on each other, and are perfectly combined in structure. This controls every important link of its playback in the design stage.

Count down the sound quality advantages of coaxial speakers

The sound of the coaxial speaker is natural and durable, and the sound positioning is accurate
The timbre can be regarded as the personalized performance of the sound. There is no distinction between good and bad, but the natural and beautiful, high-endurance timbre is undoubtedly more pleasing. Almost all coaxial unit speakers have three-frequency transition natural and timbre The advantages of natural hearing resistance. The sound image is the shape of the sound source represented by the timbre, and the sound pressure is the intensity of the energy radiated by the vibration of the sound source. Sound has positional characteristics. The biological auditory organs exist in two ways to detect the position of the sound. His principle is that the brain judges the phase difference of the sound emitted by the two ears to the same sound source and concludes that if one ear is deaf, he The location of the sound can only be determined by experience, but the location and movement characteristics of the sound source cannot be accurately determined. On the contrary, the auditory organs are normal, but the phase and sound pressure of the sound source are distorted during playback, which can also cause errors in the judgment of the sound position.

The longitudinally arranged multi-unit system affects the longitudinal stretching and positioning of the sound and image
Another typical application of positioning is the principle of stereo positioning. In sound reproduction, two speakers are used to generate different sound pressures for the same sound source and the phase difference between the two speakers, so that the sound image of the reproduced sound source is determined to be in two A certain position between the speakers. In terms of sound pressure, the sound image will move closer to the side with greater sound pressure. If the sound pressure of two speakers is the same, they are positioned on the mid-vertical line of the two speakers. When one speaker does not output sound pressure, the position of the sound image is completely dependent on the sound pressure. To the other speaker, if the phase parameter remains unchanged, the change in sound pressure can only move the sound image along the connection between the two speakers. The influence of phase on sound image is much more complicated than sound pressure. The phase parameter can not only affect the size of sound pressure, the size of sound image, but also change the position of sound image.
It can be seen from this that stereo positioning can be achieved only when the playback phase and sound pressure of the speaker unit are fidelity, and the position of the stage instrument can be determined. As far as the current situation is concerned, the sound pressure fidelity is relatively easy to achieve. Phase fidelity is quite difficult. The fundamental method of phase fidelity is to achieve full-range point sound source reproduction, so high-fidelity coaxial speakers can faithfully restore the sound image of the sound source.
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