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The placement of the speakers

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The position of the speaker has a significant impact on the sound performance, and it has a particularly serious effect on the sound field positioning and low frequency. The following are the main points of general speaker placement, you may wish to try more:

1. The distance between the left and right speakers and the listening position should be approximately equal

The placement of the speakers

2. The position of the bookshelf speakers should not be too high or too low. The usual height should be similar to the position of the listener's head when seated;

3. Under normal circumstances, the speakers do not need to be placed inwardly, unless your speakers have poor diffusion.

Each driving unit of the speaker is a mechanical device, and the components of electronic equipment such as power amplifiers require a certain amount of physical aging. Therefore, it takes a long time for each brand-new equipment to warm up before the sound effect can be maximized. The warm-up period lasts about 100 hours. During this period, please listen to and warm up at a moderate volume. Generally enthusiasts call this a "praise" machine
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