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Four principles of sound system matching are indispensable

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In recent years, on the basis of the HI-FI two-channel stereo sound system, the AV surround sound speaker system has been developed, referred to as the AV speaker system. The AV speaker is an integral part of the entire AV system, and its matching with other links in the entire system, as well as the matching between the speakers, directly affect the quality of the reproduced sound. Let's talk about the principle of collocation:

1. The tone should be balanced. As a complete AV speaker system, efforts should be made to ensure that the sound of each speaker is the same or similar, especially for the three front speakers. Otherwise, when the audio and video move, there will be a sense of intermittent or object change, causing audio and video distortion or illusion. In order to achieve sound balance, try to use the same manufacturer and the recommended speaker matching menu, which can better achieve the sound balance of the whole system.

2. The comprehensive technical indicators should be balanced. The technical parameters of the front, center and surround boxes are different, and each technical index must achieve a comprehensive balance. Under Dolby Pro Logic, the front main speakers should use the same full-range speakers, and ordinary 10-20 square meters halls can use main speakers with a power of 60W to 120W (8 Europe and the United States); the frequency response range of surround speakers is 10Hz~ 7KHz, the power is 1/4 to 1/3 of the main speaker; when the center speaker works in the "wide" mode, the frequency response reaches 60Hz to 20KHz, and the power is close to or equal to the main speaker. When the "normal" mode is used, the lower limit of the frequency response The frequency should reach 80Hz, and the power should be 1/2 to 1/3 of the main speaker.

Four principles of sound system matching are indispensable

3. The equipment quality of the whole AV system should be balanced. The playback effect of the AV speaker system not only depends on the quality and quality of the speaker itself, but also has a relationship with other equipment of the entire AV system. High-quality speakers should be equipped with high-quality signal sources, high-quality AV power amplifiers and high-quality speaker cables. High-quality speakers should be equipped with low-level signal sources, power amplifiers and speaker cables. It is impossible to reproduce excellent sound effects.
There are many types of signal sources. VCD, CD and DVD have different sound source qualities and different playback effects; Dolby Surround, THX and Dolby AC-3 have different signal sources and different playback effects. The type and quality of speaker cables vary greatly, and speaker cables of different materials and structures will reproduce different timbres and sound qualities. In short, the quality and quality of the equipment of the AV system should be balanced.

4. The collocation of items in the audio-visual room should be balanced. In the audio-visual room, the placement of each speaker must not only create good conditions for creating an ideal sound field, but also create a harmonious atmosphere for the interior decoration art. The placement of speakers must be careful, as they directly affect the sound field effect. Especially the placement of the front main speaker is very important, it is related to the audio and video positioning, the wide depth of the sound field, low frequency reproduction, frequency balance, resolution, etc. The main speaker is not easy to approach the side wall and back wall, and should be placed in an appropriate place indoors.

Small and medium-sized main speakers are placed in the small audio-visual room, and the volume is too large, which will cause incoordination in the room. Place as few items as possible in the room, and the principle is simplicity first. If there are more items, the room appears cluttered and interferes with the playback sound field. Try not to introduce other sources of interference indoors (such as mechanical clocks, air conditioners, etc.). The color, placement, and decoration of indoor objects are all exquisite and should be carefully considered and arranged. The layout of the speaker system and the interior decoration layout should be harmonious and consistent, reflecting the combination of technology and art, and the unity of science and aesthetics.
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