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Demystifying the misunderstanding of buying audio

2021-09-27 436
Misunderstanding 1: Power determines sound quality?
When some businesses introduce speakers to everyone, they often talk about how powerful our speakers are and the sound quality is excellent. In fact, this statement is not accurate. There is actually no direct relationship between the power of the speaker and the sound quality effect. For example, the nameplate of some speakers indicates the power of 100w, which refers to the carrying power of the speaker, which means that as long as the power of more than 100w is not input for a long time, the speaker will not be damaged. . Some audio power is marked as 20w-200w power, this refers to the recommended amplifier power range, that is, it is recommended to use an amplifier with a power in the range of 20-200w to drive.

There are also some other parameters of the speaker, such as signal-to-noise ratio, impedance, etc., which only represent some rigid indicators of the speaker, and have no direct relationship with the sound quality. Fudge is not far away.

Myth 2: Multifunctional design is the future trend?

The development of electroacoustic technology has gone through a century. Compared with other electronic technologies, the development of electroacoustic technology is relatively slow, and the improvement of sound quality requires a long period of research and attempts to achieve. Now many speaker manufacturers have chosen to enhance their functions, such as digital decoding, remote control and even touch operation, to emphasize that these are the future speaker trends. The price of this type of speakers is usually relatively high, and there is a large enough profit margin, which is why many businesses like to promote such products.

Demystifying the misunderstanding of buying audio

In fact, the essence of audio lies in the pursuit of sound quality, not so many fancy functions. How to make the sound effect better is a topic we should care about. The trend of future audio will inevitably be linked to the sound quality effect, so consumers are buying When it comes to speakers, you should pay more attention to effects rather than functions.

Misunderstanding 3: More units are effective?
We all know that the speaker unit converts the signal from the power amplifier into sound output, which is the most critical part of the speaker. The performance index and sound quality of the speaker depend to a large extent on the performance of the speaker unit. But is it true that the more units, the better the effect of the speakers? In fact, it is not.

How many units are used in the speaker depends on the frequency division method of the audio range. If it is a two-way speaker that is simply divided into two sections of treble and bass (or mid-low), choose two speakers, one high and one low (or mid-low) That's enough. Such a general box will cost more, because the unit is designed to extract, focusing on the tweeter and mid-bass unit, and the unit effect is more prominent. Take the speaker of bt-audio Mingjue as an example. Its floor-to-ceiling box uses a tweeter and a mid-bass unit, so that the effect in the high frequency and mid-low frequency bands will be more prominent, and mirroring is used. Symmetrical technology enhances the sense of localization of the sound and makes this sound effect even better. So it's not that more unit effects are better.

I hope that when you buy speakers, you can compare them based on the suggestions we provide. It is not easy to buy speakers. I also hope that you can buy affordable and satisfactory speakers.
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