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What are the differences between car audio and home audio

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What is the difference between car audio and home audio? The difference between car audio and home audio is mainly reflected in several places such as different components, different brands, different listening environments, and different tone feelings.

1. The listening environment is different:

Listening environment factors cannot be ignored, such as temperature factors. The temperature difference in the car is too large. The exposure in summer may reach 60 to 70 degrees, and in winter it may be as low as tens of degrees below zero. Therefore, the ability to adapt to the temperature of the equipment is also Put forward higher requirements, especially high temperature is the enemy of equipment. Therefore, the endurance value of high temperature is one of the parameter indexes of car audio equipment. There are two types of car interference: the first type is derived from electrical wiring in the car, called electronic high-frequency interference, which generally affects the performance of the tweeter, which requires technical treatment; the second type is derived from external airflow interference and engine noise. Such sound interference will greatly affect the listening experience in the car, and the bass and mid-bass parts are generally affected by this type of interference.

What are the differences between car audio and home audio

Two, the components are different
Home audio consumption focuses on the quality of equipment and room matching. For car audio, not only the quality of the equipment must be considered, but also the installation technology and installation process of the equipment must be considered. For the latter point, most car owners do not even have a basic concept.

Three, the sound feels different:
Remember: The equipment in the car is even more top-notch. It is almost impossible to get the same experience as a home audio. Car audio has its own feeling characteristics.
This is related to the environment. The seats in the car cannot be moved, and the space is small. The distance between the speaker and the human ear is tortuous. It is impossible to place the position as you like in the home audio system. Compatible with the standard of feeling.

Four, different brands
Remember: Don’t put the only little bit of brand awareness in your mind that you have gained through advertising into the car stereo.
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