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Quality of home campus wooden speakers

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Features of Active Ceiling Campus Wooden Speaker System:

1. Clear sound quality: active ceiling speakers have high sound resolution, 3W active ceiling speakers, wide frequency response and clear sound quality.

2. Easy to operate: The active ceiling speaker Bluetooth device handles the working status, and the wireless ceiling speaker is powered on, and the music played by the device can be played by the wireless ceiling speaker.

3. Free matching: Active ceiling speakers can be freely matched with all Bluetooth devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Application areas of active ceiling speakers: usually installed indoors, such as hotel broadcasting background music, shopping malls, communities, schools, etc., to achieve diversification of background music, each area can play different background music, and every corner can hear wonderful Music. For example, you can connect the TV signal in the hotel to the bathroom, active ceiling speakers, or you can connect the background music in the hotel room to the bathroom, so that you can listen to the background music in the guest room. The campus wooden speakers make the sound quality more uniform and the stereo effect is better. The quality of the home campus wooden speakers

Safety summary and precautions of bluetooth campus wooden speakers

1. In order to be safe and to ensure the normal use of the product, please entrust the professional who sells this product to install it, and delegate the commissioning and inspection of the host to the professional service personnel.

2. Please confirm whether the power supply of the host is normal. Fluctuations in the power supply voltage or power supply noise will not only affect the normal use of the host, but also cause accidents.

3. Direct sunlight to the host is prohibited. The installation location of the host should be far away from sources of strong electric fields (such as electric welders, high-frequency electric furnaces and electromagnetic transformers).

4. The host must be kept away from heat radiation sources exceeding 70°C, such as gas combustion devices, heating devices or other similar devices.

5. It is not allowed to install in a dusty environment, and there must be no acid, alkaline or other corrosive gases in the air.

6. Please wipe the surface of the LCD screen with a clean soft cloth dipped in the LCD screen cleaner.

7. When the host is not in use, be sure to turn off the power switch at the bottom right of the host. When the host is not in use for a long time, please turn it on for half an hour every half month to automatically charge the internal backup battery of the host.

8. The touch screen of the host is a resistive screen. Please click on the corresponding icon with your fingertips and with appropriate strength. Do not use excessive force to avoid personal injury or product damage.

9. Do not perform operations on this host that have nothing to do with this manual.

10. Warranty conditions: Any component that is proved to be caused by design defects or technical process defects will be repaired free of charge within the guarantee period. The guarantee period means one year from the date of delivery of the goods. Certain replacement parts may be used for repairs, or replaced with the same product in order to replace repairs. Quality of Family Campus Wooden Speakers Features of active campus wooden speakers: clear sound quality, easy operation, and random matching.

Quality of home campus wooden speakers

How large is a ceiling-mounted campus wooden speaker in the public address system?

It is better to specify the plan according to the on-site environment. If you do not observe the actual on-site environment, it is difficult to make an ideal selection and horn placement plan. For the installation distance between ceiling speakers, please refer to this article in the industry: every two The distance between the two speakers is twice the distance from the speaker to the ground, and this installation method usually meets the requirement of uniform sound playback in the whole audience. Configure the power of the ceiling speakers and the layout of the ceiling speakers according to different venue environments. It is necessary to consider the location of the listeners in the entire venue, such as whether they often move, stand or sit more, and the entire venue environment Some factors such as the size of the background noise. The sensitivity level of the ceiling loudspeaker is between 88~93dB; the rated power is 3~10W. Calculated by 90dB/8W, the sound pressure level at 8m away from the speaker is about 81dB. The above calculation does not consider the contribution of the early reflection sound group. Indoors, the contribution of early reflected sound groups and adjacent speakers can increase the sound pressure level by about 2 to 3 dB. According to the above approximate calculations, in venues with ceilings no higher than 3m, ceiling speakers can be arranged evenly at a distance of 5-8m from each other. If you consider background music without considering emergency broadcasts, the distance can be increased to 8-12m.

Campus wooden speaker effect

The audio-visual room uses a speaker layout plan with a full set of surround sound speakers. Of course, this is only an ideal. In reality, the rooms we can get are leftovers selected by others. For example, we are always in the wine cellar, gymnasium. People from behind, indoor golf and even cigars, etc. come to the theater, there are even aisles between stairs and elevators, a loft with a sloping roof on the top floor, etc., which reflects the strong surround sound of the theater. Wall mounting of all speakers>Top mounting of surround speakers>Wall mounting of center speakers>Top mounting of all speakers. Each company has its own ideas about the importance of the arrangement of the center speaker. I think the importance of the center speaker is more important, which also emphasizes the importance of the position of the center speaker, which is relative to the center speaker. The front left and right speakers may also be regarded as surround speakers. We use transparent screens as much as possible. The starting point is to emphasize the importance of the center position, that is, the position of the horizontal height. When the screen is too large (for example, a theater) Add speaker fill between the center and left and right speakers. The idea is to widen the center instead of widening the left and right speakers. If you are a player, the use of multi-channel surround sound is always more direct than virtual surround sound. In any case, you must adjust the position of the speakers according to the actual situation.

The choice of campus wooden speaker system and the main points of installation

1. Speaker selection basis: the average power of each output channel of the IBA Runsheng smart host is 50W (connected to 4-8 ohm speakers), and the voltage is 12V. The impedance is 4~8 ohms, and the speaker selection is based on the above parameters.

2. Speaker power selection: Since the output power of each channel is 25 watts, plus line loss, it is recommended that the speaker power is not less than 15 watts.

3. How to use constant-voltage speakers: Choose ceiling speakers or wooden wall-mounted speakers. Many ceiling speakers have constant-voltage input terminals and constant-impedance input terminals. We choose constant-impedance input terminals. For constant-voltage speakers without constant-impedance input terminals, remove the transformer first, and then connect to the IBA Runsheng smart host.

4. Speaker impedance and parallel connection: If 8 ohm speakers are used, two speakers can be connected in parallel for each left channel or right channel, which is very meaningful for our design.

5. Speaker installation location and sound quality: In order to ensure the stereo effect, the characteristics of people's activities in the room need to be considered when installing the speakers. For example, in the bedroom, install the speakers on both sides of the bed; in the study, install the speakers on both sides of the desk; in the dining room, consider installing the speakers on both sides of the dining table. In general, keeping the distance between the speakers at about 1.5 times the layer height will have a better stereo effect. If the room is large, consider connecting two 8 ohm speakers to the left and right channels respectively to make the sound quality more uniform and the stereo effect is better.

6. Wall-mounted speakers: some rooms do not have a ceiling, only wall-mounted speakers can be installed. The professional design of campus wooden speakers is practical and beautiful. Nanshan Hotel Campus Wooden Speaker Sales

The human body induction campus wooden speaker has an induction height of 3-4 meters. Avoid getting close to heat sources and electromagnetic interference. Quality of home campus wooden speakers

Wiring method of constant voltage power amplifier and campus wooden speaker

Constant voltage power amplifier: As long as the input voltage of the speaker matches the output voltage of the power amplifier, and the total power of the speaker does not exceed the total power of the power amplifier, one speaker can be directly connected in parallel to the output of the power amplifier.

Smallpox speaker: For the bass, it is a speaker that accepts a relatively large current in the audio. It must be directly connected to the power amplifier in order to obtain a relatively large low-frequency current. Connect it to 4 ohms in parallel with the full-tone speaker. If you want better audio, you need to buy a crossover. Extended information: The term constant voltage output can easily cause cognitive errors. In the application of constant voltage amplifiers, it is an AC concept. The effective value of the voltage at full power output is the rated voltage of the constant voltage amplifier, which is neither the constant voltage in the DC concept. Maintaining a constant voltage and current changes with the signal, nor is the effective value of the AC voltage constant in the AC concept.
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