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Is it better to use wooden computer speakers or plastic?

2021-08-26 417
Benefits of speakers made of wooden panels:
①Suitable for mass production; ②There is a large supply of raw materials in China; ③It is mainly composed of wood fiber, etc., with good acoustic performance.

Many wooden speakers claim that they use certain medium-density panels, which can effectively guarantee the sound quality. The statement may be different, but it probably means "I use wood to make the sound good."

Is it better to use wooden computer speakers or plastic?

Knowing these advantages, you can understand why most manufacturers are willing to use wooden panels, but the shape of wooden panel speakers will be relatively simple, because wooden panels are not easy to shape.
In foreign countries, plastic speakers are mainly used, and the sound of foreign brand speakers is not bad when they are almost equal in caliber, volume, and power. In China, almost no speaker factory is willing to do research on materials. Instead, it chooses easy-to-produce wooden speakers, which greatly reduces R&D costs, modeling costs, and production costs. Therefore, manufacturers are also willing to instill the concept of "wood = sound quality". In fact, both plastic speakers and wooden speakers have excellent products and inferior products.
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