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Which is better, plastic speaker case or wooden speaker case?

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Why are the sound effects of many plastic speakers inferior to that of wooden speakers? Presumably, many people don't understand this question, so let's briefly discuss it with you today.

There are two types of stereo speakers: bookshelf and 2.1-channel speakers. Bookshelf speakers are actually 2.0 channels, with strong high-fidelity effects and excellent music playback capabilities. Generally speaking, the sound playback effects are more realistic, so they are expensive and suitable for people who are looking for sound quality.

Which is better, plastic speaker case or wooden speaker case?

2.1 to 2.0 speakers add a subwoofer, which adds a large degree of rendering to the sound quality, especially the strong bass performance, which is more suitable for listening to pop music, but the mid-to-high frequency effect is inferior to 2.0. In the current market, it occupies a large share of the market and is suitable for general consumers.

Like the friend's question above, it is not difficult to explain. The high-quality wood material means that it is strong and durable, and the unique pattern of the wood shows a noble and elegant temperament, which is an important criterion for measuring furniture. But for speakers, this is not necessarily the case. As for the reason, please see the next page.

The cabinet is an important factor that determines the performance of the speaker. The ideal speaker enclosure should be a rigid body, so as to ensure that the sound will not deteriorate due to the vibration of the enclosure. Therefore, the degree of rigidity of the box determines whether it is prone to vibrate, thereby deteriorating the sound. Generally speaking, plastic boxes are indeed prone to resonance, while wood is much better. Currently popular 2-channel computer speakers are mostly wooden shells, but in fact this shell is made of high-density plywood (particle board) covered with wood veneer.
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