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How about AliExpress

2021-02-06 570
AliExpress (English name: AliExpress), the platform was launched in April 2010 and officially opened overseas eight months later. It is the only online trading platform under Alibaba for the global market, and is called the "international version" by the majority of sellers. Taobao".

English: AliExpress
Chinese: AliExpress
Headquarters: Hangzhou
Online time: April 2010
Affiliation: Alibaba

How about AliExpress

AliExpress entry requirements:
1. A business license is required; (knock on the blackboard to note: now individual industrial and commercial households can also settle in)
2. The seller must have a corporate Alipay account; (a corporate business license can apply for corporate Alipay)
3. A trademark is required; (R/TM mark, some categories need pure English mark)
4. The seller must own or act as an agent for a brand to operate. According to the brand qualifications, you can choose to operate the brand's official store, exclusive store or exclusive store
5. Sellers must pay an annual fee for technical services. The annual fees for technical services are different for each business category. High-quality stores with good service quality and growing business scale will have the opportunity to receive annual fee refund rewards.
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