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What are the common speaker materials on the market?

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What kind of material a speaker chooses to make will have a great impact on its sound quality. As far as the materials of the speakers are concerned, there are generally four types: plastic, wood, metal and glass. The first two are the more mainstream speaker materials in the market, and metal and glass are relatively rare. Generally, plastic is used in the low and mid-end markets, such as subwoofers, and wood is used in the high and mid-end markets, such as bookshelves and floors.

What are the common speaker materials on the market?

Plastic speaker
The price of plastic speakers is generally cheaper, generally ranging from tens of yuan to three or four hundred yuan; and many portable speakers are also made of plastic materials because of their strong plasticity, rich colors, and very light weight. , Easy to carry around. However, the texture of plastic is very light, and the density is not as high as MDF density board, and it is easy to produce resonance. Therefore, the sound quality is naturally not as good as wood speakers.

Metal speaker
Generally, we rarely see such speakers on the market, but we don’t know that these speakers are often expensive, and the sound quality is better than wooden speakers; we know that the density of iron is much higher than that of the MDF version, and the hardness is stronger, which can greatly Reduce the resonance, and restore the low, medium and high frequencies more accurately; and the internal circuit design of this type of speaker is also more complicated, and the final sound effect will be better.

Glass speaker
Now some major foreign brands, in order to pursue the aesthetics and artistry of the speakers, will also choose glass as the cabinet. But it is worth noting that this material is actually not silica glass in our traditional sense, but a fashionable plexiglass. Unlike glass in the traditional sense, it is not as fragile as we think in terms of material, and its material has good transparency, chemical stability, mechanical properties and weather resistance.

Wooden speaker
The speakers are made of wooden structure, which can effectively reduce resonance and echo, and make the sound quality full and pure. Speakers of this material are commonly used in middle and high-end markets such as bookshelves and floor stands. They are also a must for audiophiles to taste the best music. The colors are mostly black, brown, and deep red, revealing a simple and calm atmosphere.
Most wooden speakers use MDF medium-density fiberboard. It is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber, which is crushed, separated, dried and then applied with an adhesive, and then heated and pressed. Sheet. The density is uniform, the surface is smooth, and the thickness is 5-30 mm. This type of board has excellent physical properties and is easy to decorate and process, so it is widely used in the manufacture and production of speakers.
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