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How to maintain wooden high-end speakers?

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1. Precautions for the first use of newly-purchased speakers. Since the "horn", an important part of the speaker, is a key component that determines the sound quality and service life of the speaker, most of the speakers are composed of reinforced paper cones or bulletproof cloth. New speakers are generally stiff. It needs a softening process, so the speakers need to be boiled to sound better and more durable. Many people find that speakers need to be heated for a while to make them sound better. I agree, the only difference is that someone preached to use a loud volume to cook. This is wrong. In fact, the running-in between the speaker and the car is the same. Slowly running-in will make the mechanical part (vibration part equivalent to the mechanical part) get the best running-in. Crazy cooking is not good for the speakers at all, and the cooking is not good. The voice coil may be deformed. Therefore, the taste is only good when it is simmered slowly. I don't think it is necessary to cook it, as long as it is used, it is in the cooker. When starting to listen to music, it is best to choose more peaceful music. Senior audiophile Mr. Li introduced in an article to choose string quartet or vocal records instead of big dynamic or electronic music records. I think I agree very much.

2. To prevent the sudden impact of large signals, there are generally the following situations. One is because the potentiometer switch was not turned back to the lowest level after the last listening, or someone else moved the potentiometer by mistake, and the sound was turned on at a high volume, causing a large signal impact. Another situation is that there are sudden large dynamic segments in the music. In order to emphasize the contrast in these clips, the signals are mostly weak before the arrival of the big dynamics. At this time, if you are not mentally prepared, turn up the volume, it is easy to damage the speaker when a large dynamic signal comes. Such as the sound of cannons in "1812 Overture", the sound of drums in "Firebird" and so on. The third situation is that when the speaker is working normally, the signal line and power cord are suddenly unplugged and plugged in. At this time, a large current impact will occur, and the speaker is most likely to be damaged.

3. The listening environment needs to adapt to the various components of the speaker. Most of the components are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, such as wood veneer, paper cone, tweeter film, suspension, centering bracket, adhesive, voice coil, and so on. If the temperature is too low or too high, it will affect the stability of these parts. For example, if the temperature is too low, less than 5 degrees Celsius, the overhang will easily become brittle. If the volume is turned on at this time, it will easily cause the overhang to break. If the temperature is too high and greater than 40 degrees Celsius, the voice coil will overheat, causing sound degradation. The solution is to install an air conditioner or not use speakers when the temperature is not suitable. The influence of humidity is also great. If it is too dry, the veneer outside the speaker will burst. If it is a thick wooden box, it is also prone to cracks. The solution is to purchase a humidifier or place a basin of clean water indoors. If the temperature is too high, the sound cone is prone to damp and mildew, the sound is weak, and the wiring is also easy to oxidize. The solution is to put some dehumidifiers and desiccants indoors. In addition, dustproof speakers are also very important. Those who do not listen to the speakers should add a dust cover to prevent dust and prevent children from touching the unit.

How to maintain wooden high-end speakers?

4. Normal* To prevent accidental collisions, first check whether the wiring is correct and whether the potentiometer position is too large when listening to the sound. Turn on and off the machine in order. (The sound source comes first, then the power amplifier is turned on, and the opposite is the case when turning off.) When singing karaoke, keep away from the speakers as much as possible, and the microphone should not be pointed at the speakers to avoid the sound of the speakers entering the microphone, forming acoustic feedback, generating howling, or even burning the treble. Bookshelf speakers should prevent accidental collisions and fall from the tripod. It is best to stick a few pieces of double-sided tape (evenly) on the bottom of the box to warn family members not to walk around the speakers at will.

5. The cleaning of the speakers. Many of the speakers are made of piano lacquer, so you need to pay special attention when cleaning the speakers. Please wipe them with a soft cloth. Also try not to wipe the speaker.
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