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how about eBay

2021-02-06 587
eBay is an online auction and shopping platform that allows people around the world to buy and sell items online. It is headquartered in San Jose, California.

eBay has 37 independent sites and portal sites around the world, the main global sales sites: the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, China. Covering more than 190 countries and regions, nearly 300 million users, supporting 23 languages worldwide.

eBay registration information preparation

1. Credentials required for eBay personal account registration:
International mailbox (such as Gmail, Hotmail)
Identity certificate (second-generation ID card, passport, driving license, Hong Kong and Macau pass)

Dual currency credit card (visa or MasterCard) (recommended)

how about eBay

2. Account authentication
SMS authentication
Dual currency credit card authentication (recommended)
Personal account registration: Personal account registration requires an international email address, ID card or driver's license. Dual currency credit card can choose visa or Master, and then register according to the official website URL. To ensure that the information is consistent, all the information needs to be from the same person.

Enterprise account registration: The documents required for enterprise account registration are basically the same as those required for personal accounts, but we must provide our business license and address proof, address proof: four choices of color credit card bill, utility bill, telephone bill or real estate certificate Just one. It is also necessary to ensure that the information is consistent, and that the verification is consistent with the personal account.
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