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What are the Amazon air freight charges? Fba Amazon first air freight price

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One type of FBA is self-delivery, that is, the seller is responsible for the entire process of goods transportation. The other is Amazon FBA, which requires sellers to use FBA to ship goods to Amazon warehouses, and subsequent consumers will automatically ship them from the warehouse after placing orders. The two different logistics modes have great differences in cost. So what are the Amazon air freight charges? Let's take a look at fba Amazon's first air freight price.

Amazon air freight charges:
The formula for calculating the volumetric weight of air transportation and express delivery is: length CM * width CM * height CM / 6000, and if the resulting volume weight (KG) is greater than the actual weight, the volume weight is charged, which is called dumping. To put it more directly, if every cubic meter of goods is larger than 167KG, it is heavy; otherwise, it is light. Shipping is directly the volume (cubic). If the volume is greater than the weight (ton), it will be recorded by volume and it will be a dumped cargo, otherwise it will be calculated by weight.

What are the Amazon air freight charges? Fba Amazon first air freight price

FBA air freight cost calculation:
Volume weight (kg) = length (CM) X width (CM) X height (CM) / 6000

Volume weight (kg) = cargo volume (CBM) X167 kg

FBA air freight billable weight is the weight used to "calculate cargo transportation". The chargeable weight of air cargo includes the actual gross weight of the cargo and the weight of the volumetric weight class.

In addition, FBA fees include order processing fees, pickup and packaging fees, weighing and processing fees, storage fees and other non-standard services.

1) FBA fee = execution fee + monthly storage fee + storage inventory placement service fee

2) Execution fee = order processing fee + sorting and packaging fee + weighing processing fee

Amazon has two types of warehouse fees: monthly warehouse fees and long-term warehouse fees

1) Monthly storage fee = (the quantity of goods that require 6 months of long-term storage) x (unit quantity of goods) x (monthly storage fee per cubic meter)

2) Long-term storage fee = (number of goods subject to long-term storage fee within a certain period of time) × (number of cargo units) × (long-term storage fee per cubic meter in the same period)

The above is the introduction of the relevant aspects of Amazon's air freight charges.
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