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What is the difference between active and passive speakers?

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The source in active and passive means power amplifier (power amplifier)

Active speakers
Active speakers have their own power amplifier circuits. For example, the speakers on computers belong to active speakers.
The advantage is plug and play, no additional power amplifier is needed. The disadvantage is that it may be subject to circuit resonance or electromagnetic interference, the sound quality is poor and it will be limited by the sound signal source, and the power is relatively small. It is still very good for home and personal use.

What is the difference between active and passive speakers?

Passive speaker
Passive speakers are ordinary speakers without a power amplifier circuit. When using it, a dedicated power amplifier (power amplifier) needs to be connected.
One of the major advantages of passive speakers is that they will not be affected by the circuit that may cause some resonance, electromagnetic interference, and the like. The sound quality is good, the power is large, and the disadvantage is that it takes up more space.

These two kinds of speakers mainly depend on the use scene
Computer desktop, living room, conference hall, meeting room, indoor public places, performance monitoring, recording or editing sound track, these scenes are suitable for the use of active speakers
Independent audio-visual rooms, theaters, KTVs, stages, outdoor large and small activities, etc. are suitable for the use of passive speakers
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