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How to match a passive speaker with a power amplifier

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Passive speakers are also called "passive speakers". Passive speakers are ordinary speakers that we usually use without power amplifier circuit inside. Although passive speakers do not have amplifiers, they often have crossover networks and impedance compensation circuits. Active speakers are usually marked with parameters such as the output power, input impedance, and input signal level of the built-in amplifier.

Passive speakers can be regarded as "wooden box plus speakers". The advantage of this is that the sound can reach the best state without interference. Since the sound cards of VCD, DVD, and computer do not have a power amplifier and only output sound analog signals, a dedicated power amplifier (power amplifier) needs to be connected. It is often used in large-scale sound reinforcement, such as larger venues, conference rooms, movies, theaters and home theaters, etc. It needs more power to promote, and the sound quality is good.

How to match a passive speaker with a power amplifier

In the past, active was amateur, passive was professional, but some special professional speakers also used active. Its main features are:

1. The rated output power is large, and the power amplifier can be matched freely.

2. The choice of space is relatively large, you can choose a power amplifier with discrete components, or it can be matched with a tube power amplifier.

3. There is no power amplifier circuit inside the speaker, and an external power amplifier is required to work.

How to match a passive speaker with a power amplifier
The easiest way to equip passive speakers with a power amplifier is to buy a set of 25-50 watt power amplifier boards with a resistance of 8 ohms and power supplies. Install the power amplifier boards and power supplies in a speaker to form an active speaker. The audio signal input socket can be installed behind the speaker, and the original speaker input socket of the speaker can be changed to the input socket of another speaker.

How to change passive speakers to active speakers
1. Built-in the power amplifier template into the speaker body can be changed into an active speaker. The difference between active and passive is that the active speaker has its own power amplifier module, and the passive speaker needs to be connected to a rear power amplifier. You only need to build the power amplifier template into the passive speaker, but you need to consider issues such as safety and stability, power matching, and cabinet modification.

2. Install the power amplifier board and audio input line in each box, first know the power and impedance of the speaker, and then go to the audio and video counter to buy two corresponding power amplifier boards and the matching power supply and the audio input you want Cable or jack, and then ask a professional to help install it into the speaker. If you just want to connect to the computer to listen to music, it's not necessary at all.
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