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Do you know the difference between active speakers and passive speakers?

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Do you know the difference between active speakers and passive speakers? What is an active speaker and what is a passive speaker?

Active speakers

Active speakers are built-in power amplifiers, mainly using integrated circuits as power amplifiers, built-in electronic crossover system, you only need to connect the power supply and audio cable to easily play.
For example, desktop speakers, studio monitor speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and some new home theater active speakers all use active speakers. Active speakers will not change due to the influence of factors such as wires and power amplifiers.
The cost is low, and the price is easily accepted. The connection is simple and easy to use. Eliminate the trouble of matching. Active speakers are simple audio systems that are generally small and exquisite. Businesses will also work hard on the appearance of active speakers. Because they don't need an external power amplifier, they are more flexible and elegant when placed on the desktop.
The advantage is that the circuit is simple, the peripheral components are few, and debugging is basically unnecessary. The disadvantage is that the sound is dry and hard, especially when it is connected to a computer or CD source, the digital bit is heavier. The sound quality is limited by the source of the sound signal, and the power is also small, and it is mostly used for home and personal use.

Passive speaker
There is no amplifier circuit inside, but there will be a crossover network and impedance compensation circuit. With these circuits, the speaker has less internal interference, good anti-interference ability, and the sound quality is relatively better than the active one. Due to the need to connect an amplifier to drive, the sound of passive speakers will be affected by equipment and cables. In turn, this also means that sound adjustment is required. The characteristics of signal cables and amplifiers can be used to supplement and enhance the performance of the speakers. The operability is obvious.
The rated output power is large, and the power amplifier can be matched freely.
The choice of space is relatively large, you can choose a power amplifier with discrete components, or it can be matched with a tube power amplifier.
Disadvantages: need to be promoted by a later stage
There are too many types of passive speakers, with different specifications, designs, and materials. If there is one disadvantage, it needs to be driven by an amplifier, which requires additional equipment, space and experience.

Do you know the difference between active speakers and passive speakers?

After understanding the basics of active speakers and passive speakers, the most controversial application scenario is nothing more than the living room. How should the living room choose?
Passive speakers are relatively expensive, and of course passive speakers are better in terms of effect. However, passive speakers are somewhat complicated for home and personal use. That's just a one-time debugging, plus the current information age. It doesn't matter if the instructions are not understood, there are tutorials on many platforms, and there are also many communication platforms for reference. No need to worry at all.
The cost of active speakers will be lower, and you can choose active speakers with a budget of 2000 or less.
In fact, whether you choose active speakers or passive speakers in the living room, it depends on personal preference.
Regardless of active speakers or passive speakers, it is the most suitable to sound comfortable. Don't be constrained by any standard specifications.
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