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What are the characteristics of passive speakers? Will you use passive speakers?

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CD players have been abandoned by most people and families, so the next step is passive speakers. So, what is a passive speaker, and what about an active speaker? Audiophiles are certainly no strangers to passive speakers, after all, the sound of passive speakers is really incomparable to other pronunciation forms. It's just that it's very professional, ordinary people gradually don't understand it, and the household usage rate is also decreasing. Is there really no future for passive speakers?

Passive speakers are also called "passive speakers". Passive speakers are ordinary speakers that we usually use without power amplifier circuit inside. Although passive speakers do not have amplifiers, they often have crossover networks and impedance compensation circuits. Active speakers are usually marked with parameters such as the output power, input impedance, and input signal level of the built-in amplifier.

Features of passive speakers:
1. The rated output power is large, and the power amplifier can be matched freely.
2. The choice of space is relatively large, you can choose a power amplifier with discrete components, or it can be matched with a tube power amplifier.
3. There is no power amplifier circuit inside the sound quality phase, and an external power amplifier is required to work.

The difference between passive active speakers
Active speakers need an external power source, so they can provide high power. Passive speakers are not needed, so the volume is low. For example, headphones are passive speakers.

An active speaker means that there is a set of circuits inside the speaker, which functions as a power amplifier. For example, most of the N.1 speakers used on computers are active speakers. In other words, it can be used directly by connecting it to the sound card of the computer. There is no need to go through a special power amplifier. The disadvantage is of course that the circuit inside may cause some resonance, electromagnetic interference and the like.

What are the characteristics of passive speakers? Will you use passive speakers?

Passive speakers can be regarded as "a wooden box plus a speaker". The advantage of this is that the sound can reach the best state and will not be disturbed. Because VCD, DVD, and computer sound cards do not have power amplifiers, they only output sound analog signals. Need to connect a dedicated power amplifier (power amplifier).

The use of passive speakers:
Because the sound card of computers and laptops does not have the function of power amplifier, plus the passive speaker itself does not have the function of power amplification, so if you connect the passive speaker directly through the socket of the sound card, the computer can only emit the original analog signal. , Unable to release the original sound quality effect.
How to connect passive speakers to the computer? In fact, it is very simple. If friends want to connect passive speakers to the computer, they need to configure a dedicated power amplifier amplifier, which is connected between the computer and the passive speakers through a dedicated power amplifier. This is the computer we often see The speakers have a particularly large cabinet.
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