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Active speakers and passive speakers, which one do you prefer?

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Active speaker: Built-in power amplifier, it can work when power supply and signal input are connected. Now it is mostly used in the field of computer multimedia. Generally speaking, these speakers have low output power, and the volume cannot be turned on loudly. Usually, these power amplifiers are specially used to drive the speakers in the speakers. Due to the special matching design, these power amplifiers can be better used to drive the speakers in the speakers, so that users do not need to consider the power of the power amplifier. How big and whether the impedance matches and other issues.

Since active speakers have built-in power amplifiers, they have their own characteristics compared to ordinary speakers.
1. The cost is low and the price is easily accepted.
 2. The connection is simple and easy to use.
 3. Eliminate the trouble of matching. The disadvantage is that the sound quality will be limited by the sound signal source, and the power is also small, and it is mostly used for home and personal use.

Passive speakers: Passive speakers are formal speakers with high power and good sound quality, but the products are large and bulky. There is no power amplifier inside, and an external power amplifier is required to work. It can also be regarded as a "wooden box + horn". The advantage of this is that the sound can reach the best state and will not be disturbed. Since VCD, DVD, and computer sound cards do not have a power amplifier and only output analog audio signals, a dedicated power amplifier needs to be connected.

Active speakers and passive speakers, which one do you prefer?

Passive speakers also have their own characteristics.
1. The rated output power is large, and the power amplifier can be matched freely.
2. The choice of space is relatively large, you can choose a power amplifier with discrete components, or it can be matched with a tube power amplifier. It is often used in large-scale sound reinforcement, such as larger venues, conference rooms, movies, theaters, and home theaters.

Passive speakers are relatively expensive, and of course passive speakers are better in terms of effect. However, passive speakers are complicated to use and will be a little troublesome for home and personal use. Active speakers can be used as long as they correctly connect the audio cable, the data cable, and the power supply, which is simple and convenient.
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