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What is the difference between hifi speakers and coaxial speakers?

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1. The definition is different: HIFI audio: The original sound is highly similar to the replayed sound, which is the abbreviation of English High-Fidelity, literally translated as "high fidelity". Coaxial speaker: The coaxial speaker uses a coaxial unit. This unit is actually a combination of a tweeter and a bass unit. The treble is cleverly placed in the center of the bass diaphragm, so it can ensure the acoustic center of the high and low frequencies. It's the same point.

What is the difference between hifi speakers and coaxial speakers?

2. The characteristics are different: HIFI audio: restore the original appearance of the sound source, specially used for listening to music. Coaxial speaker: sound at one point, spread synchronously, with odd positioning. Passive speakers are ordinary speakers without power amplifier circuits inside. Expansion information: The introduction of the term HI-FI in Chinese audio systems should have been in the early 1980s. At that time, audio systems had completely separated from radios and became a school of its own. The rapid evolution of channel stereo cassette recorders.

Strictly speaking, the first single-channel combined audio system is still not HI-FI audio, and the domestic two-channel stereo combined audio system should not be included in the true sense of HI-FI audio. The real rise of China's HI-FI audio should be the transition from combined audio to personalized audio combination, that is, the sound source, power amplifier, and speakers appear as independent single pieces, and are personalized by audiophiles.
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