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The pros and cons of active and passive speakers

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Many people like active speakers, but they may not really understand the pros and cons of passive and active speakers. They just heard that active speakers are good. This may cause a lot of trouble for their future use. It is very necessary to understand these.

01. Passive Speaker
Passive speakers are also the most common and traditional speakers that you usually see. They do not need to be plugged in. They are driven by a power amplifier and work with speaker cables. They are non-electric devices.

It works without plugging in itself, and there is no electrical safety problem. It can be installed anywhere where it can be installed, and there is no need to arrange a power supply in the installation position. It is suitable for complex and large fixed installation and mobile systems. The system has a large degree of freedom in construction, is more convenient to guarantee and maintain, and has high safety and reliability.

Its performance is affected by the length and quality of the externally matched power amplifier and the connection cable between the amplifier and the amplifier. The performance is more unpredictable. The cabinet where the power amplifier needs to be installed, the distance from the speaker to the cabinet will increase the power loss of the power amplifier and reduce the damping coefficient of the power amplifier system, which will have a negative impact on the performance of the entire system.

02. Active Speaker

Active speakers are a relatively new form of speakers. They come with a built-in power amplifier, or coupled with a DSP processing module, or even a small mixer, which is a speaker that needs to be plugged in to work.

The pros and cons of active and passive speakers

The power amplifier of the active speaker is built-in to avoid the uncertainty of system performance caused by improper configuration of the power amplifier. The performance of the system is guaranteed. Moreover, the power amplifier module and the speaker unit can be designed to cooperate with each other to achieve the best match. The power amplifier module also comes with a DSP processor, optimized for the speaker's own characteristics, so that the speaker can play its best performance, and it is particularly simple and convenient to use.

The connection between the power amplifier and the speaker unit becomes very short (only the distance between the internal space of the speaker), which greatly reduces the power loss and the reduction of the damping coefficient due to the internal resistance of the speaker cable. It saves the cabinet needed to install the power amplifier, saves the system space, reduces the cost, and is particularly convenient for small systems. It is easy to install. Just pull the power and signal cables where the speakers are installed. No speaker cables are needed. cost).

The built-in power amplifier needs to be plugged in to work. There are electrical safety risks. Installation in some places with fire safety requirements, or inconvenient maintenance, poor ventilation, and harsh environment is not conducive to the safe operation of the power amplifier module. The risk is relatively high. Modules have problems, and it is difficult to replace and remediate them in time on site, which reduces the reliability of the system and increases the difficulty of maintenance. Power amplifier modules need to face many problems. Conventional power amplifiers have a large enough chassis space to accommodate the required components, while power amplifier modules need to compress the components of a normal power amplifier into a small chassis space. Therefore, the performance of the power amplifier module Usually lower than conventional power amplifiers.
In addition, the power amplifier module needs to resist continuous vibration during the working process of the speaker. The power amplifier module is installed in a semi-closed environment such as a speaker. The heat and heat dissipation of the module directly affect the reliability, all of which pose a severe challenge to the technical level of the module manufacturer. . Since each speaker needs an independent power supply, it needs to be operated by qualified personnel with electrical qualifications during installation and use, which increases the trouble of installation and use.
In summary, for simple small systems, active speakers are more convenient to use, but require greater freedom, high safety and reliability, and complex large systems are recommended to choose passive speakers.
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