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Should you buy passive speakers or active speakers?

2021-08-12 467
If the sound quality requirements are high, it is best to use a high-fidelity power amplifier plus a passive speaker system.
The reasons are:

1. Active speakers usually have power supply and power amplifier circuits in the main speakers, but not in the auxiliary speakers, which will cause a slight difference in the sound quality of the main and auxiliary speakers and lead to asymmetry;

Should you buy passive speakers or active speakers?

2. The power amplifier shell is usually metal, and the active speaker shell is usually non-metal. The power amplifier circuit of the active speaker is more susceptible to wireless clutter interference, resulting in a poor signal-to-noise ratio;
3. Active speakers are limited in size. Usually the power amplifier circuit uses integrated circuit power amplifiers, while high-fidelity power amplifiers can use excellent discrete component power amplifiers;
4. Poor air convection inside active speakers leads to poor heat dissipation performance, and high-fidelity power amplifiers can use cooling fans.
Of course, active speakers are not necessarily worse than power amplifiers plus passive speakers. Some high-end active speakers are also good.
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