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What are passive speakers and active speakers?

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Speaker refers to a device that can convert audio signals into sound. In layman's terms, it means that the main speaker cabinet or the subwoofer cabinet has its own power amplifier. After amplifying the audio signal, the speaker itself will play back the sound to make the sound louder. Common speakers in the market can be divided into two types: passive speakers and active speakers. What are their advantages? How to buy? Next, let's follow along and learn.

Passive speakers, also known as passive speakers, do not have any amplifier circuits inside, but generally have built-in frequency division systems and impedance compensation circuits. You need to connect an additional power amplifier before you can use it. However, there are many more types of speakers than active speakers. In addition to typical bookshelf boxes, there are floor-to-ceiling boxes, satellite boxes, and now popular custom-installed speakers and invisible speakers.

The advantage of passive speakers is that they don’t need an external power supply and can be directly connected to the amplifier. The tuning is flexible and can be widely applied. You can also adjust the power amplifier and wire to determine the sound effect according to your needs. It has stronger playability and can be more Good structure of multi-channel sound system. The disadvantage is that passive speakers are more complicated than active speakers. Especially for users who want to play well, they need to have more professional knowledge reserves and better hands-on skills. If you want to get better Or different effects, you need to have more audiovisual knowledge. In addition, the volume of a general passive speaker is larger than that of an active speaker, so the space it needs to take up will be relatively large.

What are passive speakers and active speakers?

Active speakers, also known as active speakers, usually refer to speakers with an electronic crossover system and power amplifier. Active speakers usually only need to be connected to the power supply and connected to the signal source to produce sound, without the need to add additional amplifiers. Most of the current monitor speakers, engineering speakers, and speakers for dance halls are active speakers, and some desktop speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and smart speakers are basically active speakers.

The advantage of active speakers is that they come with a power amplifier, no need to add an additional amplifier, easy to use, easy to use. It can be used by simply connecting the signal source directly, without tangling or considering issues such as power and impedance matching. There is also a built-in electronic crossover system and decoding system, which reduces the connection of cables, which can better restore sound reproduction, with less distortion, and stable playback, without the influence of cables, power amplifiers and other factors. The disadvantage is that active speakers are generally bookshelf boxes, and most of them can only build a 2.0 system, it is difficult to build a multi-channel system, and the range of use is relatively narrow. Of course, with the upgrading of technology, the application of active speakers is no longer limited to the establishment of 2.0 systems, and more and more multi-channel systems.

As for how to buy, you can consider the application scenario, the desired effect and the budget. If you only need to use it as a computer speaker, of course it is more appropriate to buy an active speaker. If it is a living room or a separate audio-visual room, although both active and passive can be selected, in terms of effect, it is definitely more appropriate to choose passive speakers. Or if you are not afraid of tossing, but want to try different sound effects, or need to match with different styles of equipment, then passive speakers are definitely suitable; if you don't like tossing, active speakers can be in place in one step, and active speakers are naturally preferred . From the budget point of view, if you have money, you still have to choose passive speakers.
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