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Which is better, active speakers or passive speakers?

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In modern homes, many owners are equipped with small home theater equipment. Among them, speakers are indispensable. According to the market positioning and consumer groups, there are two main types: active speakers and passive speakers. Which is better? What is the difference between the two? We understand through the following.

Introduction of active speakers:
Built-in power amplifier circuit, it can work when power supply and signal input are connected. Active speaker means that there is a set of circuits inside the speaker, which has the function of power amplification. For example, most of the speakers used in computers are active speakers, that is to say, they can be used directly by connecting them to the sound card of the computer. No need to go through a special power amplifier. The disadvantage of course is that the circuit inside may cause some resonance, electromagnetic interference and the like.

Passive speaker introduction:
There is no power amplifier circuit inside the passive speaker, and an external power amplifier is required to work. It can also be regarded as a "wooden box + horn". The advantage of this is that the sound can reach the best state and will not be disturbed. Since VCD, DVD, and computer sound cards do not have power amplifiers and only output sound analog signals, a dedicated power amplifier needs to be connected.

Which is better, active speakers or passive speakers?

Which is better, active speakers or passive speakers? What is the difference between them? The main difference between active speakers and passive speakers is whether the speakers have a power amplifier. Summarized as follows:
1. In terms of power amplification
Passive speakers do not have a built-in power amplifier circuit and must be connected to an external power amplifier to work. The active speaker is externally connected with a built-in power amplifier circuit powered by a power supply, which has sufficient power and can work when the power supply and signal input are connected, without the need for a power amplifier.

2. In terms of output sound
The integrated sound card has nothing to talk about for the average user in terms of output. The integrated sound card mainly relies on the software debugging of the driver to output sound effects, while the independent sound card is only required for special sound effects to be targeted for purchase, or it is more high-end Has hardware-level debugging capabilities. Therefore, the integrated sound card can also meet the requirements of the vast majority of users. If there is no special requirement, don't buy an independent sound card, and waste money.

3. Market positioning and consumer groups
Active speakers are now mostly used in the field of computer multimedia, and in some occasions with special needs (such as electronic keyboard speakers). Generally, these speakers have low output power, and the volume cannot be turned on very high, and it is not too good on the circuit of the power amplifier. Pay attention to, it is a simple sound system; passive speakers are formal speakers, with high power and good sound quality, but the product is large and bulky.

In addition, the price of passive speakers is much more expensive than that of active speakers. In terms of effect, passive speakers are better, but passive speakers are used in many conditions, which is a bit troublesome. Active speakers can be used as long as they are properly connected to the audio cable, data cable, and power supply. For ordinary users, it is completely OK to use active speakers for listening to music and watching movies.
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