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How to use speakers and amplifiers to create a perfect professional sound reinforcement system

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The perfect combination of speakers and power amplifiers is the key to creating an excellent professional sound reinforcement system.

From a technical point of view, the following points need to be paid attention to when connecting speakers and power amplifiers: impedance matching, damping coefficient matching, power matching, power reserve matching and other issues.

The power configuration of speakers and amplifiers has a certain relationship with the target loudness. Under a certain target loudness, the dynamics of the music signal should be fully guaranteed on each piece of equipment. If the power of the amplifier is too large and its gain setting is very small, the loudness has reached the requirement, but then the gain of the amplifier is limited. The dynamic range of the signal. Therefore, the power of the power amplifier should not be too large; otherwise, it will be a waste of expenses, and it will also bring about the trouble of loudness and music dynamics and the overload of the speakers. Generally speaking, the signal fluctuation of the sound reinforcement venue is small, and there is no need for a power amplifier to provide a large current to the speakers for a long time or very quickly. Therefore, the power of the power amplifier should be smaller than the power of a strong and powerful large dynamic sound reinforcement venue; in addition, the so-called "power reserve. It should also be aimed at the speakers. It is worth noting that the selection of the power amplifier must be determined by the speakers, and the power amplifier should not be configured with the concept of "power reserve".

How to use speakers and amplifiers to create a perfect professional sound reinforcement system

The power of the speaker and the power must be properly matched to prevent accidental burning of the speaker. At the same time, what should be paid attention to is the damping coefficient of a power amplifier, which represents the control ability of a power amplifier to the speaker. The larger the data, the better the control ability, and the better it is for creating high-quality sound.

In the 20Hz-20kHz of the human hearing domain, the music signal that really concentrates a lot of energy is generally in the middle and low frequency bands, and the high frequency band energy is only equivalent to 1/10 of the energy in the middle and low frequency bands. Therefore, the power loss of the general speaker treble It is much lower than the woofer in order to balance the high and low sounds; and the power amplifier is like a current modulator. Under the control of the input audio signal, it outputs currents of different sizes to the speakers, so that sounds of different sizes can be generated under certain impedance conditions. It is actually very easy to make a power amplifier with a nominal power of 200W reach 400W or even several times the output, but the loss of power (THD) will greatly increase, and this kind of distortion is mainly caused by the high Frequency harmonics, the greater the distortion, the greater the energy of the high-frequency harmonics, and these high-frequency distortion signals will enter the tweeter along with the high-frequency signal. This is why the tweeter will burn if the low-power amplifier pushes the large speaker. reason.

In addition, the configuration of the speaker and the power amplifier is also closely related to the sound pressure of the speaker, the performance of the power amplifier, and the sensitivity.
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