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How to choose Bluetooth and wifi speakers?

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With the advancement of wireless technology, we all like to use wireless speakers to play our favorite songs, and enjoy the power of music in wireless. What types of wireless speakers are there? The wireless speakers on the general market can be roughly divided into three categories, 2.4G wireless speakers, Bluetooth wireless speakers and Wi-Fi wireless speakers. 2.4G wireless speakers are outdated. At present, wireless Bluetooth speakers have become the emerging main force, and Wi-Fi speakers should be the direction of future development.
What is the difference between WiFi and Bluetooth speakers?
Bluetooth Speaker:
Simply put, the built-in Bluetooth chip connects to Bluetooth playback devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks, replacing traditional wired connections with Bluetooth connections, making the connection fast and convenient. However, it cannot be said that Bluetooth connections are all advantages. In fact, no matter how Bluetooth technology develops, its transmission bandwidth and connection coverage distance are far from WiFi. However, Bluetooth speakers have been popularized earlier and are relatively cheap, so It will be easier for the public to accept.
1. The versatility of Bluetooth is undoubtedly the best, and it is also the oldest wireless audio solution among the three. Since the earliest Ericsson mobile phones are equipped with Bluetooth headsets, they have begun to provide wireless audio services.
2. The advantage of Bluetooth over WIFI is its low power consumption.
Point-to-point connection of WiFi speakers:
Insufficiency: the transmission distance is short, the transmission bandwidth cannot reach the transmission of high-quality audio
wifi speaker

It itself is a wireless router. It sends out wifi by connecting to an external network cable, and then devices such as mobile phones and tablets connect to the wifi sent out by it, and push songs to the speakers for playback through a player that supports AirPlay, DLNA, QPlay and other multimedia protocols. You don't need to know what those agreements mean, you just need to know that mainstream players such as Kugou Music, QQ Music, Baidu Music, etc. support these protocols.

How to choose Bluetooth and wifi speakers?

1. The wifi speaker has a long transmission distance and good penetration.
2. Compared with Bluetooth technology, WiFi has a higher data transmission rate. The 150M transmission bandwidth can fully meet the needs of lossless music and high-definition video transmission. There is no waveform distortion and loss of detail, which can be matched with higher quality audio. Codec, to obtain better audio indicators, and can penetrate walls, so it is regarded as an ideal technology to achieve high-quality wireless music playback.
3. Wi-Fi can connect two devices directly or form a network through wireless routing. Being able to form a network is the biggest advantage of WIFI over Bluetooth. Take the existing iphone as an example. Through wifi connection, iphone connects to speakers through Air Play, can play sound to all the speakers in the LAN at the same time, and can play different sounds to different speakers, at the same time, it can also meet the needs of web browsing, which is not available in Bluetooth.
1. The privacy and anti-interference ability of wifi is not as good as that of Bluetooth. A speaker can be connected to multiple devices, and all connected devices can push songs.
2. Compared with Bluetooth, wifi speaker technology is still in its infancy, and the price of speakers is high.
  In summary, in an environment where the network has not yet globalized coverage, wifi speakers still have the shortcoming of unstable signals, but home entertainment, engineering audio systems, and high-quality cloud music will be their strengths. Of course, Bluetooth speakers will also be more complete. Shengtianlong adopts Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which increases the transmission bandwidth and reduces power consumption. Beloved by more and more young people.
When talking about using speakers outdoors, the first thing many people think of is Bluetooth speakers. Is there no way to use WiFi speakers outdoors?
Who would you choose when outdoors?
Who would you choose when outdoors?
Fundamentally speaking, Bluetooth speakers use Bluetooth as a carrier for wireless transmission, while WiFi speakers use WiFi as a carrier for transmission. The essential difference is also briefly introduced for friends. So if you were to choose a wireless speaker product for outdoor use, which one would you choose?
First of all, from the perspective of use, Bluetooth speakers have obvious advantages. The main reason is that the connection of Bluetooth speakers is simpler and faster, and the technology is relatively mature, and users will be more comfortable to use.
From an application point of view, WiFi speakers have the advantages of high transmission quality and long transmission distance. This is incomparable to Bluetooth speakers, but the price of WiFi speakers is relatively high, and friends can choose according to their budget.
     In fact, from the perspective of outdoor use, Bluetooth speakers are more suitable for our general users to use outdoors, because with the development of Bluetooth technology and the boom of outdoor Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth speakers have the characteristics of strong protection and easy to carry, although the transmission quality And distance is a big issue that restricts its development, but since it is used outdoors, do so many people really care about the effect of its HiFi?
WiFi speakers are more suitable for the home environment. Although WiFi speakers also have a point-to-point connection, using WiFi speakers point-to-point connection can only play local music and occupy the mobile network channel of the mobile phone. This makes it not fully adaptable now. Outdoor applications.
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