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How to wire the passive speaker_how to choose the power amplifier of the passive speaker

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How to wire passive speakers
Nowadays, many homes have special speakers that can be used to play karaoke, but many people don't know how to perform speaker wiring operations. Here is a brief introduction.

1. Generally, the speakers used at home are passive speakers, so we must figure out what passive speakers are. Passive speaker (Passive Speake) is also called "passive speaker", that is, we usually use ordinary speakers without power amplifier circuit inside. Simply put, the speakers do not need to be connected to the power when in use, just connect to the audio source device with power amplifier.

How to wire the passive speaker_how to choose the power amplifier of the passive speaker

2. When connecting, first strip the end of the audio cable to remove the rubber layer on the surface to expose a section of the copper wire inside. Generally, there are two types of brass wire and silver wire.

3. After processing, twist the copper wire a few times harder to make the copper wire harder, and then see that there are red and black terminals behind the amplifier, the brass color connects to the red terminal, and the silver one connects to the black terminal. column.

4. The other end of the audio cable is also connected to the back of the speaker. Some speakers are terminal type, and some are more convenient snap-in type. For the buckle type, just press down the buckle by hand, poke the wire in and let go.

5. For two speakers, connect the wires to the Left and Right sides respectively, that is, connect a wire to the left and right sides.

6. After connecting the passive speaker and the power amplifier, you only need to connect the audio cable of the power amplifier to the audio source device, such as a TV, and then turn on the power amplifier to hear the sound from the speaker.

How to choose the power amplifier of passive speakers
1. Passive speaker = speaker box, check the speaker parameters: impedance, power,

2. Lead the speaker wire directly from the speaker pin 1653 line, and allow the speaker (amplifier) output terminal to be connected (pay attention to the matching ohm value).

3. When changing to a new power amplifier, pay attention: It is best to buy a speaker with 10 times the ‘power reserve’ of the speaker for high-fidelity playback. Of course, it is not so demanding: the sound is lower than the speaker power or the same power, but the sound quality is compromised: the difference between a hoarse sound and a beautiful sound.

4. When choosing a speaker, pay attention to matching the impedance of the speaker.
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