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Talking about the advantages of BMC raw material speaker shell

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BMC (DMC) raw material speaker shell is especially suitable for combined audio speakers. (BMC molded) BMC (DMC) raw material speaker shell is a new type of speaker shell that replaces wooden speakers. BMC (DMC) raw material speaker shell is The proportion, density and bending rigidity are far higher than that of wooden materials. The expected effect of acoustic materials is also significantly better than that of wooden speakers. BMC (DMC) raw material speaker shells are used.

BMC (DMC) raw material compression molding production process production and processing. Comparing BMC (DMC) raw material speaker shells with plastic speaker shells, the advantages of BMC (DMC) raw material speaker shells are that they have high density and good playback effects. The raw materials of the shell damage the characteristics of the speaker, and the density of the raw material of the speaker shell is Larger, the smaller the vibration caused by the shell when the sound is emitted, especially the digital power amplifier speaker with a high-power operational amplifier, so that the sound can be more realistically restored. The density of BMC (DMC) raw materials is much larger than that of plastic. Therefore, the expected effect of BMC composite speaker enclosures is better than that of plastic speakers. The BMC (DMC) raw material speaker shell is manufactured using BMC composite material compression molding manufacturing process.

Talking about the advantages of BMC raw material speaker shell

BMC (DMC) raw materials are different from traditional solid wood panels, aluminum castings, and plastic speaker raw materials. It belongs to epoxy resin glue-based composite material and is a new type of speaker raw material. BMC composite material is a new type of thermosetting plastic raw material that was developed in the early 1970s. The United States calls it a small mold compound (BMC), the United Kingdom and Europe call it a small mold compound (DMC), and Japan calls it a concentrated feed (PMC). BMC composite material is made of base enzyme unsaturated fatty acid acrylic resin or its modified engineering plastic epoxy resin glue, plus low shrinkage epoxy resin glue, chopped glass fiber, inorganic compound filler, hair modification agent, and film release A small piece of molding compound pre-mixed with chemicals, pearl powder, etc. BMC composite materials have high-quality physical processing properties, especially bending strength, small reduction, high tensile strength; low stress relaxation, stable specifications and models;

It has high-quality heat resistance and cold resistance, stable process performance in a wide temperature range, specification and model stability, electrical equipment characteristics and fire resistance rating, and can be used for a long time at -60~150℃, and it is a product The water absorption capacity is small, the shrinkage rate is small, the specifications and models are high-precision, the bending rigidity is good, and the raw material characteristics are suitable for the requirements of the speaker: the characteristics of large bending rigidity and low resonance value. The raw materials of BMC composite materials can be colored at will. In addition, the design of the shell is highly playable. It can be pressed into shape at one time, and the production and processing efficiency is high. However, at the initial stage, the cost of mold shells is relatively high, and a certain amount is required to be available. BMC (DMC) still has advantages in the production of loudspeaker enclosures with large quantities of raw materials and high quality requirements.
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