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Can an active speaker be connected to an amplifier? Is it better to have an active speaker or a passive?

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Can active speakers be connected to power amplifiers?
Active speakers cannot be connected to power amplifiers. Active audio is the audio with its own power amplifier, as long as the low-level signal input is fine.

A power amplifier is a device that amplifies low-level signals. The output of active speakers cannot be directly connected to the inputs of other power amplifiers. Because the output of active speakers is already a high-level signal, you can directly push the speakers or speakers. Cause other power amplifier circuit failure and damage. It can be connected like this, and the input signal of the active audio is directly connected to the input of the power amplifier, so that it will not be damaged.

How to use active speakers
1. Connect
Before purchasing an active speaker, you need to see the input interface on the back of the speaker. For civilian-level active speakers, generally only RCA interfaces are provided, and a few high-end models also provide XLR interfaces. For monitor-level active speakers, generally only XLR interfaces are provided. Therefore, you need to know whether the output interface provided by your front-end equipment can match the speaker before use.

2. Positioning
In terms of placement, there is actually no clear standard for the placement of speakers. However, we recommend that users adopt a positive triangle positioning method. The so-called positive triangle positioning method is that the connection between the two speakers and the listener is a regular triangle, and the radiation direction of the two speakers needs to face the listener. The advantage of this positioning method is to try to get more direct sound, hear more details and lower tone color. As for the distance between the speaker and the person, it is determined according to the specifications of the speaker. For a general 2-way active speaker (with a woofer diameter of 5-8 inches), the distance is about 1 meter, while a large-scale active speaker with a three-way design (with a woofer diameter of 10 inches or more) has a normal distance. At about 2 to 4 meters.

Can an active speaker be connected to an amplifier? Is it better to have an active speaker or a passive?

3. Adjust the output sound pressure of the left and right channels
After placing the position, the output sound pressure of the left and right channel speakers needs to be adjusted to be equal. Active speakers generally have a volume adjustment function. At this time, you need to place a sound pressure meter at the listening position, and then play the pink noise test audio signal, combined with the preamplifier (or other controller) and the speaker's own volume adjustment The function adjusts the sound pressure of the two speakers to the same level. At the same time, referring to the sound pressure value, we recommend that you maintain a sound pressure level of about 80dB when listening to music. In addition, the internationally prescribed standard monitoring sound pressure level for recording studios is 80dB to 83dB. This standard is also for your reference. But the prerequisite is that your speakers must maintain very low distortion at this sound pressure level.

4. Appropriate use of Room EQ adjustment
Most active speakers provide the Room EQ function, which provides the ability to adjust the frequency response curves of high, mid and low frequencies, which can be fine-tuned in different use environments. For example, if the speaker is placed directly on the desktop, the desktop will cause too much low-frequency reflection sound and make the low-frequency become muddy, then the user needs to attenuate the low-frequency band; if the room does not have much acoustic processing , The high-frequency emission is too much, then the high-frequency needs to be attenuated. However, the actual effect of the Room EQ function is very limited, and good sound can only be obtained through the cooperation of the room.

Active speakers are better or passive
1. Active speakers are generally small in size and are a simple audio system with low volume release, which is suitable for home use. Usually computer speakers, Bluetooth speakers, etc. are active speakers, which are more suitable for most consumers.

Passive speakers are more formal. They have a lot of power and sound quality. Passive speakers need to add effects, microphones and other equipment to become a system to use. Generally suitable for conferences, performances, entertainment and other places.

2. The active speaker can be used as long as it is connected to the power supply and the marker, the operation is very simple, and there is no need to increase the power amplifier. It has a complete drive circuit, and the sound quality is relatively stable, not affected by other equipment, and it is very space-saving when used.

Passive speakers need to be connected to a power amplifier driver, and its sound quality will be affected by other devices. However, passive speakers are more flexible in tuning, and the effect of speakers can be improved by other devices.

Passive speakers do not need to be connected to the power cord, only the signal line.

Since there are so many types of passive speakers, other devices need to be added, so it will take up more space.

3. Which is better, an active speaker or a passive speaker, because the active speaker has a power amplifier circuit in the speaker, such as an active speaker used in a computer, it is directly connected to the sound card of the computer, which is easy to cause some resonance Or electromagnetic interference, etc.

Passive speakers can adjust the sound to the best state without interference from other devices, so the sound quality will be better.

Passive speakers are usually large and bulky, not as small as active speakers.

4. Passive speakers are usually used in professional places. Because of its professional characteristics, its price will be higher than that of active speakers. Speaker enthusiasts will prefer passive speakers. In addition to professional sound quality, the price factor also includes the value of brand and feelings.

Among mid-range-priced speakers, the quality of passive speakers is better than that of active speakers.

Among low-end speakers, the sound quality of passive speakers and active speakers is generally difficult to distinguish.

After reading the above introduction, do you now know which is better, active speakers or passive speakers? When choosing speakers, you should choose according to your own use place and needs.
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