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Basic principles of HIFI sound

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Everyone has a clear understanding of the concept of HIFI. So, what sound can be called the sound of HIFI? To put it simply, it is a sound that is pleasant and pleasant to the ear and can produce a pleasant surprise. Good sound can be understood and appreciated by everyone, and there is no need for any special training at all. It is as if everyone can feel the good food without the gourmet's personal guidance.

But in actual work and life, not everyone has the opportunity to hear too many HIFI equipment. At the same time, in the HIFI field, there are also many experts who are too truthful and clever, who are inciting everyone to buy things as their responsibility. And merchants. For buyers who don't understand HIFI or listen less, it is easy to be misleading.

So, on our road to HIFI, how to judge that the sound of a set of equipment is good and belongs to HIFI? It's not complicated.

1 Balance. This is the ultimate goal pursued by a set of HIFI equipment. The hearing range of the human ear is from 20-20000 Hz. From the perspective of music presentation, this range includes from the lowest sound when the bass drum is hit to the highest overtone when the triangle is hit. In this range, the music camp can reach Precise balance, without any deliberately enhanced or weakened, or deliberately ignored, reflects the harmony and nature of music. But it needs to be explained that there are almost no equipment that can achieve perfect balance (at least the old cat has never heard of it), and those that are close to perfect balance can easily cost hundreds of thousands of yuan. The average enthusiast can do it within their own financial resources. Relatively balanced.

Basic principles of HIFI sound

2 Clarity. Another HIFI sense of hearing is clear and clean. The subtle stubs and complex passages of the sound should be fine and clear, and there should be no feeling of sticking together.

3 The sense of space and layering, which is what we often call the sense of being out of the box or the sense of image formation. The sound I heard didn't seem to come from two speakers, but a real person singing in one place. Good equipment can perfectly depict the positions of several voices, even to a few people's heads!

4 Dynamic. Simply put, it is the elasticity of the sound. A good sound should be full of elasticity. For example, the rhythm of drum beats, or strong dance music, the rhythm should be continuous, not divided, or feel breathless.

5 Thickness. Perhaps this is the best judgment. Sounds as thin as paper must be bad. The sound of good HIFI equipment should be mellow and rich.

6 Hearing resistance. This is another important indicator for considering a set of HIFI equipment. If a set of speakers sounds amazing at first, but the ears are tired and tired after listening too much, then we can think that its hearing resistance is not high. Good equipment, no matter how long you listen to it, your ears will not be tired.

After understanding these six principles, we can take our ears and our favorite discs to try out more, and find our favorite sounds and equipment.
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