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What is HIFI audio

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In terms of structure and composition, there is no essential difference between HIFI audio and ordinary audio. They are all audio sources (CD, DVD players), power amplifiers, speakers and cables. The essential difference is that HIFI speakers have a higher degree of restoration of the original timbre than ordinary speakers. In terms of parameters, its audio signal attenuation is reduced, and its accuracy and accuracy are higher. To make a simple analogy, if the set of numbers "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" is played with ordinary speakers and can be restored to "1.3, 2.2, 3.3, 4.2, 4.5", then HIFI speakers can usually achieve "1.1" , 2.05, 2.9, 3.85, 4.9” (just for example, the distortion rate of HIFI equipment is usually less than 1%).

It is also for this reason that when many people use HIFI speakers to listen to their familiar songs or music for the first time, they suddenly find that the details are richer and they hear more sounds. It is precisely for these reasons that when people first chose HIFI speakers , I like to choose to play the sounds that are often heard in life such as opening beer bottles and smashing glasses to judge its "true"; or playing some recognized fever discs such as Tsai Qin's "Ferry", and tirelessly looking for the eight frogs. , To judge whether the details are rich enough.

What is HIFI audio

Early audiophiles use their ears to judge whether the equipment achieves the HIFI effect in their minds. With the passage of time and the popularity of HIFI audio, based on the past judgment standards, the judgment of HIFI audio has been added more Factors, such as the requirements for parameters; similarly, some more humane indicators (such as musicality and durability) have also been added as the judging elements of HIFI audio.

However, some of these standards are too complicated to implement, and there are also so-called so-called standards customized by manufacturers in order to suppress competitors. For the general public, it can only be accepted selectively. One of the simplest judging principles is that it is a good set of HIFI speakers that can faithfully represent music.
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