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How to buy hifi speakers

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If the budget is sufficient, it is better to buy foreign ones. If the budget is not enough, buy domestically produced ones. This is not a fetish of foreigners, it is indeed that the sound quality of major foreign brands is better than that of domestic ones, such as JBL under Harman. However, foreign speakers are more expensive. However, when the budget is not enough, if you force to buy foreign brands, the effect may not be as good as the domestic ones. Domestic brands are inferior to foreign brands in high-end HIFI, and domestic brands may have more advantages in low-end HIFI.

With the continuous improvement of people's lives, people's requirements for the quality of life also rise. In this environment, the audio industry is gradually moving towards the mainstream consumer market. As an important part of sound in audio, the purchase of speakers is of great significance. How to buy high-quality speakers is also common sense knowledge that consumers urgently need to understand.

1. Preliminary observation
For the initial understanding of the speaker, the steps of "viewing, weighing, knocking, and recognition" can be used to identify: firstly observe the craftsmanship, secondly weigh the weight, thirdly knock on the cabinet, and fourthly recognize the nameplate. The craftsmanship is to judge the quality from the first impression of the appearance of the speakers: the speakers made of natural logs are of course the best, but because of the high cost, they are often not recommended by the mainstream.

How to buy hifi speakers

Common speakers are decorated with a thin layer of wood veneer on the surface of MDF medium density fiberboard: speakers with real wood veneer and exquisite exterior decoration, especially such as rosewood, bird's eye, rosewood, walnut, nannan, red oak, etc. Rare wood veneer, its natural wood grain visual effect is excellent, and the hand feels smooth and comfortable. Especially those with symmetrical butterfly pattern real veneer that has been coated and polished with multiple layers of piano lacquer, most of them can be regarded as high-end quality speakers.

How to buy hifi speakers

The products recommended by HIFI are all imported logs, and the workmanship is exquisite, especially the details. It seems that it has the characteristics of high-end household products. The fake and inferior products generally don't pay attention to these details, so you can make a correct judgment with a little care.

How to buy hifi speakers

The second is to weigh: good speakers are mostly made of high-quality MDF particle boards of 18-25mm, and high-end flagship speakers are made of super-heavy solid wood such as red sandalwood and yellow grapefruit or multi-layer composite plywood, so the weight is very amazing. The net weight of a pair of speakers is usually fifty or sixty kilograms. Most of the mid-to-low-end and large-scale goods use soft-textured particleboard, and the counterfeit and inferior products use inferior paper rubber sheets, so the weight is generally lighter. Take the Red EX as an example, a floor box weighs 80 to 90 kilograms.

How to buy hifi speakers

The third is to knock on the box body: use the knuckles to knock the top, bottom, left, and right front and back baffles of the box body. All sides of the box body emit a solid and slight crisp sound. It feels that the plate is hard and thick, and there are multiple reinforcement ribs inside. Reasonable and sturdy, with a variety of sound insulation and anti-standing wave measures and other effects. This kind of cabinet is costly and difficult to process, so there are few counterfeit and inferior products. If you hit the box with the knuckles to make a "puff, puff" empty sound, it means that the plate is too thin, the quality of the material is too poor, and the structure is unreasonable. And there is no sound-absorbing material or reinforcing ribs to maintain the interior, which leads to the formation of a large number of diffuse reflections and standing waves in the box. Buying this kind of speakers will never get a good playback effect.

2. Watch out for labels
As mentioned above, there is usually a technical guide label on the back of the finished speaker: the content is nothing more than the speaker's frequency range, sensitivity, carrying power and impedance. Among them, the sensitivity rate is the most important indicator of the speaker, which determines to a large extent what kind of power amplifier the box should be equipped with, how much power is needed to push and so on.

How to buy hifi speakers

The other most important indicator is the frequency range. For example, the frequency range of a HIFI speaker is 45Hz~20KHz, and 60Hz represents the extension value of the speaker in the low frequency direction. The lower the number, the better the low-frequency response of the speaker: 20KHz represents the high-frequency extension value that the speaker can achieve. The higher the number, the better the audio characteristics. Some speakers do not indicate this index, the frequency extension range will become very wide.

3. Listening stage
After considering the eyes, let's enter the audition of the ears. The technicians who love HIFI here provide you with some points of attention.

First, listen to the characteristics. Generally speaking, good speakers will have their own unique sound characteristics. For example, compare its two products. The red DG, the global horn unit, has a strong sense of sound field surrounding. Compared with other ordinary speakers, its characteristic lies in the wide and thick sound field created by its five large horns, which is unattainable by ordinary speakers. .

How to buy hifi speakers

Next, it is the more popular rotary wood horn speaker on HIFI. The same horn design, but the horn of this HIFI speaker plays the role of perfecting the treble. The sky high pitch of the rotating wood horn, the most true and pure high frequency display, is transparent and clear, not harsh, and it all depends on the design of the horn unit.

How to buy hifi speakers
Second, listen to the details. Through the experience of HIFI for many years, it is concluded that a good speaker, but a good sound quality, does not lie in the display of the external atmospheric sound, but in its handling of the sound details. For example, the HIFI box is very well done in terms of controlling the details of the sound. It can be done in every detail, meticulous and precise.

How to buy hifi speakers
Third, a good speaker must have high endurance. When listening to many speakers, the first hearing will make the listener very happy, the sound is clean and the texture is good, but this does not necessarily mean that it is a good speaker. In the next period of time, perhaps the listener will find that its sound gradually loses its original color and becomes dry and tasteless.
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