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Although WiFi is more powerful, why is Bluetooth speakers still the mainstream?

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WiFi speaker is a product that has been emerging in China since 2013. At first, major audio manufacturers did not carry out a lot of publicity and promotion of it. Many domestic manufacturers launched one or two products with a tentative attitude to observe the market. repercussions. The author has also participated in several new product launch conferences of WiFi speakers, including some well-known domestic audio brands. However, judging from the scale and importance of the conference, as well as the later product promotion, it is indeed inferior to the traditional new speakers in the past. The reason why audio manufacturers are so conservative may be that consumers are very unfamiliar with such an emerging speaker product, and it is difficult to accept it in a short time.
Why Bluetooth speakers are still mainstream
However, in the following two years, the major domestic audio manufacturers began to make efforts one after another, launching their first WiFi speaker products, and the promotion of the product was also greater. It can be said that since 2014, Chinese talents officially began to come into contact with WiFi speaker products. However, as the audio manufacturers initially expected, people's acceptance of WiFi speakers does not seem to be high.

Having said that, I think it is necessary to explain to everyone what a WiFi speaker is. As the name suggests, a WiFi speaker is naturally a speaker that needs to be connected to the home WiFi network, but this is only its connection method, and its core value is not like a Bluetooth speaker. That way, it can only play the music in the mobile phone, but as an independent computer system, it plays music from Xiami, QQ, and Internet radio. This is the experience that the WiFi speaker wants to bring to the user.

It is worth mentioning that for users who use WiFi speakers for the first time, everyone usually compares it with Bluetooth speakers. Although both are wireless speakers, there is a huge difference between WiFi and Bluetooth. I don’t know, I am surprised (please refer to the following chart for comparison):

The advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth and WiFi:

Although WiFi is more powerful, why is Bluetooth speakers still the mainstream?

Since there are so many advantages, why hasn't it become the mainstream?
From the above chart, it is not difficult to see that WiFi speakers are obviously better than Bluetooth speakers in terms of audio transmission quality, distance, wall penetration ability, compatibility, etc., but the problem is that it has so many advantages, why is it still not able to Become the mainstream?
The author believes that there are three reasons:

1. Operational threshold. At present, the connection process of WiFi speakers is a high threshold for most users, especially the first time the operation is complicated and slightly difficult, which will undoubtedly bring some inconvenience to users, and it is far less simple than that of Bluetooth speakers. rough. Therefore, in the critical first step of operation, there are still many problems that need to be solved for WiFi speakers.

2. Price. Friends who pay attention to speakers should all know these well-known brands. The price of their WiFi speakers is more than 3,000 yuan, which is impossible to enter the civilian market in China.

3. Sound quality. Domestic WiFi speakers are initially positioned between 500 and 1,000 yuan, which is relatively easy to accept. For this reason, we made a special horizontal screen last year: "7 mainstream WiFi speakers Hengping", but the products that can really listen Not many, and did not give full play to the advantages of WiFi technology. On the contrary, it feels more like a Bluetooth speaker with WiFi function, so it cannot really impress users in terms of sound quality and user experience.

Therefore, the current WiFi speakers below 1,000 yuan have not surpassed the same-priced Bluetooth speakers in terms of workmanship, operation, and sound quality. It is not difficult to understand that they have not become the mainstream.

Written at the end:

Recently, there is a more interesting phenomenon. When some domestic audio manufacturers promote their products, they no longer use WiFi speakers as the Title, but instead change to Bluetooth speakers that support WiFi function, or smart Bluetooth speakers (with built-in WiFi function). The focus is still on Bluetooth speakers. It is not difficult to see that audio manufacturers are also forced to think of promoting their WiFi speaker products in this way. It seems that for the Chinese who are used to using traditional Bluetooth speakers, it still takes some time to adapt to WiFi speakers. From the perspective of the product itself, how to truly improve the quality and experience of the product is also what domestic audio manufacturers need to focus on improving in the future. Again, good products will naturally attract more users.
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