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The difference and secret of WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers!

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WiFi speakers have entered an era that started in the first year since this year, but for many consumers, why should they pay for a WiFi speaker? Since they choose wireless speakers, why not choose a more familiar Bluetooth speaker? Through our previous investigation, we found that the main reason why many people do not choose WiFi speakers is their ignorance of WiFi speakers. To put it bluntly, they don’t know the difference between WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers. Let me introduce to my friends, although they are all solutions for wireless music listening, what is the difference between Bluetooth speakers and WiFi speakers.

working principle
First of all, since we talked about their differences, then we must first know the different working principles. The working principle of Bluetooth speakers is to connect to mobile phones, tablets and notebooks and other Bluetooth playback devices through the built-in Bluetooth chip, and then play on their devices. Play with or on the network resources collected on the device, its power consumption is low, and the use of one-to-one transmission mode can ensure good privacy.

The WiFi speaker connects the speaker to the external network through a wireless router, and then connects the speaker through mobile phones, tablets and other devices, and pushes music to the speaker for playback through multimedia protocols such as Air Play, DLNA, and Q Play. It has the characteristics of strong transmission capacity, connection to multiple devices, and diverse audio sources.

Of course, this is only a small aspect of the difference between the two wireless speakers introduced from the working principle. Let’s take a look at the differences between WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers, so that we can better understand WiFi speakers, learn more about wireless audio playback equipment.

Transmission quality and cost are very different

1. Transmission quality:
The sound quality of wireless speakers has always been the most criticized place by many people. The main reason is that the transmission rate of wireless Bluetooth speakers is not high and cannot meet the requirements for lossless music playback. In this regard, there is a gap between Bluetooth speakers and WiFi speakers. There is a big difference.
First of all, let’s look at traditional Bluetooth speakers. Their bandwidth is generally below 24Mbps (Bluetooth 4.0), which simply cannot meet the requirements for transmitting high-quality music. This is also an important reason why many of us have said that the sound quality of wireless speakers is not good.

The basic bandwidth of current WiFi speakers can be guaranteed to be above 150Mbps, and the transmission effect of lossless music and video has been greatly improved. Many people have also experienced the true meaning of listening to HiFi wirelessly from WiFi speakers.

The difference and secret of WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers!

2. The cost is different:
In addition to the different transmission quality, the difference in cost is also the reason why Bluetooth speakers and WiFi speakers are the least acceptable to users. The price of an ordinary Bluetooth speaker can be controlled at about 50 yuan, while most WiFi speakers on the market The price of speakers is basically more than 1,000 yuan. Why is this?
In fact, the most important reason for this is that the WiFi speaker needs to be connected with a CPU to check the IP password address. Even if there is no CPU, an MCU is needed to ensure the work, while the Bluetooth speaker does not need to consider this at all. , The CPU price of a WiFi speaker is basically more than 10 US dollars, plus the technical cost, it is not so surprising to sell a one thousand yuan, and the overall technology of the Bluetooth speaker is relatively mature, and the cost control is relatively Better, so we can find Bluetooth speakers on the market with a price of tens of yuan.

Point-to-point and one-to-many

Let’s talk about one of the biggest differences between WiFi speakers and Bluetooth speakers, that is, the interconnection of multiple speakers, which is different from the one-to-one or one-to-two of Bluetooth speakers. WiFi speakers can realize multi-speaker interconnection to play alone or as a whole. . In other words, if you are using WiFi speakers, you can treat your mobile phone as a control terminal, and use APP to control WiFi speakers in different rooms to play different music.

The main reason for this function is that WiFi speakers are basically under the same network. The mobile phone can see the playing tracks in each room through the APP, and it can also add different track lists to other rooms for centralized control. Use WiFi speakers to form a pair of 2.0 systems for playback. Different channels use different WiFi speakers for playback, and the playability is very high.

Different from the traditional point-to-point playback of Bluetooth speakers, WiFi speakers can achieve one-to-many playback, which is more suitable for playback in a home environment and meets the different playback and listening needs of users.

The push method is very different
1. Push method of Bluetooth speaker:
First, let’s take a look at the push method of the Bluetooth speaker. We can break it down into several steps to explain. First, we need to download the data to the mobile phone client, then decode it through the mobile phone audio, and then convert MP3 to Bluetooth. The encoded audio streaming media, and finally the decoded sound file is transmitted to the speaker, and passively played through the speaker. This method is relatively rigid for music listening. Before listening, it needs to go through complicated and cumbersome pairing steps and requires complete dependence. Play on the phone.
2. WiFi speaker push method:
In comparison, the playback of the WiFi speaker is more liberalized. First, the link of the sound file is transmitted to the WiFi speaker through the WiFi transmission protocol, and the WiFi speaker will actively download it, and directly decode and decode it on the speaker. Play, the transmission speed of this transmission method is faster, and the higher bandwidth WiFi speakers can transmit high-quality audio files more easily, and now many mainstream online music servers support the WiFi transmission protocol, which allows users to listen online Massive music, the effect of listening is that there is no way to compare with Bluetooth speakers.

Listen to music without delay watching videos

For many friends who use Bluetooth speakers, they have encountered this kind of trouble, that is, when listening to music, they suddenly want to watch a video. At this time, you can only turn off the music first, and then play the music in the video. When listening to music on your mobile phone, you can only listen to music. Many other things related to sound can't be done. The audio of the mobile phone is output all the way.
But for WiFi speakers, this is not a problem at all, because WiFi speakers work completely independently, and do not occupy the audio channel of the phone, even if you use the WiFi speaker to listen to music and use the phone to watch videos. There will be no mutual influence, which means that you can play your favorite background music while watching the video, and it will sound more pleasant.
In addition, WiFi speakers have better transmission distances and wall penetration capabilities. I have already introduced them to my friends. In fact, the mobile phone is more like a remote control terminal among the WiFi speakers. After the speaker starts to play, it can be used separately from the phone. The speaker can be played according to the preset playlist, no matter where you go, it will not affect the work of the WiFi speaker, to achieve a truly unrestrained listening experience.

to sum up:
In fact, to sum up, compared with Bluetooth speakers, WiFi speakers can be used and listened without the mobile phone, can enjoy massive music resources, can play higher-quality music, and enjoy multi-room listening. Happiness, etc., is one of the audio products that will bloom in 2016.
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