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Why are Bluetooth speakers so popular compared to wifi speakers?

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A benign product should be simple and easy to use, with upstream and downstream support, not a melee. For example, WiFi speakers, because they have been able to connect to the Internet anytime and anywhere with wifi, they naturally have the excellent genes of smart homes. In the past two years of smart home, Internet of Things, and smart hardware trends, they have been favored, but never Did not rise. Why is this? To tell you the truth, the reason is actually very simple, two words, and complicated. For example, for networking, most WiFi speakers need APP assistance during the networking process, so the quality of APPs of different manufacturers is greatly different, and the compatibility of different routers and speakers has also become a problem. So the networking part is far less simple than it seems. It is also very troublesome to use. The WiFi speaker is different from the Bluetooth speaker. The mobile app can send the address of the song through the network protocol, and the speaker can directly grab the song and play it. Different mobile apps need to negotiate cooperation with different music manufacturers before they have the opportunity to get music content. However, domestic and foreign music sources are originally not a healthy ecology due to copyright scuffles and other reasons. To sum up one sentence: music is not just needed, sound quality is not sensitive, and price is too sensitive. On the contrary, it is the Bluetooth speaker. With its popular positioning and civilian price, sales are gradually increasing with the popularity of mobile phones. What's more, the marketing method of buying a mobile phone and sending a smart Bluetooth speaker is introduced, so that Bluetooth speakers are not only in sales. Far better than wifi speakers, it has repeatedly set new highs in word of mouth. The editor below summarizes the advantages of Bluetooth speakers. Do you not believe me?

Why are Bluetooth speakers so popular compared to wifi speakers?

• Cheap. The price can be as low as 50 yuan or less. This kind of electronic products are basically bought with eyes closed, and thrown away with one eye open, which doesn't hurt.
• Convenience. Sound can be heard when the phone is connected. The speaker is portable and easy to hold both outdoors and indoors.
• Universal. Bluetooth is a standard protocol. The Bluetooth speakers produced in Shenzhen are sold by overseas customers to consumers in any country, and they can use it when they connect their mobile phones.
• Complete supply chain. From the chip end to the solution provider, to the foundries and brand owners, sales channels and consumers, it is a complete industrial chain with clear and healthy profit distribution.

We can analyze the usage scenario of a user.
• The user buys back a Bluetooth speaker:
1. Turn on. Enter the network distribution mode.
2. Mobile phone, search for Bluetooth devices, and network.
3. Mobile phone listening to music, making calls, etc.
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