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The connotation of high-fidelity Hi-Fi audio

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High-fidelity sound is already familiar to people. It is precisely because of the basic composition system of high-fidelity sound ─ ─ sound source equipment, power amplifiers, speakers for music reproduction, which brings joy and enjoyment to many audio enthusiasts and families. Let people understand the connotation of music; cultivate their own sentiments; express their soul emotions, as the famous musician Xian Xinghai said, "Music is the greatest happiness in life; music is a clear spring in life; Music is the melting pot of temperament."
With the continuous development of television technology, audio technology, and digital technology, as well as the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the home theater boom that has risen in recent years has risen one after another. People are no longer satisfied with the pure appreciation of music in the past. It is to move the movie theater's replay effect with the integration of audio and video home to enjoy the wonderful and high-quality pictures; to listen to the replay effect of "quiet like a ghost, moving like thunder". Audio equipment has also changed from the past three-piece set (audio source, power amplifier, speaker) to a complicated high-definition large-screen TV, projector, VCD, CVD, SCVD, DVD, Dolby Surround system, SRS system, AC -3 system and DTS system and so on.
Due to the continuous emergence of new technologies and new types of equipment for various new types of home theaters, there are many types of audio equipment in the market. Audio enthusiasts and ordinary families are often asked by audio equipment stores when configuring and purchasing home theater audio equipment. The equipment is dazzling, and there is no way to start, often investing a lot of money and not getting a better playback effect. The main reason is that buyers of ordinary home theater systems do not have a clear understanding of the characteristics and differences between high-fidelity audio systems and home courtyard audio systems, and it is easier to confuse the two.
What is high-fidelity audio equipment? Friends who love audio can often see the English label "Hi-Fi" in audio magazines or audio equipment. It is the abbreviation of "High-Fidelity" in English, literally translated as "sound that is highly similar to the original sound". The sound system means "high-fidelity", which means that the sound reproduced by the audio equipment is highly similar to the sound emitted by the sound source recorded at the recording site. This type of equipment is called high-fidelity audio equipment. Or high-fidelity sound system. In some articles commenting on the sound reproduction effect of high-fidelity audio systems, it is often seen that the reproduction sound of equipment is described as "authentic", which is actually a description of the fidelity of the reproduction sound of the high-fidelity audio system.
High-fidelity audio is mainly composed of audio source system, pre-amplifier, power amplifier and speaker system. It can be seen from the figure that the composition of the high-fidelity audio system is relatively simple, with only one main line from beginning to end, and the design of the high-fidelity audio system equipment circuit is based on the principle of "simplicity first". In the circuit design of high-fidelity audio systems, it is generally necessary to consider the simplicity of the circuit part, and minimize the amplification links, various components and switches in the circuit to reduce its impact on the audio signal. If there are more amplification links in the circuit, the waveform of the signal will change in geometry after the signal is input from the input end to the output end. This change in form is the distortion of the signal. Due to the quality of the components used, the circuit structure of the amplifier, the quality of the power supply and other factors, the amplifier will more or less have a certain impact on the amplified signal. If there are more amplification links in the entire circuit, correspondingly The greater the distortion, the higher the fidelity of the equipment’s playback sound.


The connotation of high-fidelity Hi-Fi audio

The smaller the influence of electrical signals, the smaller the distortion, and the better the sound quality of playback. When making high-fidelity audio systems, we pay more attention to the materials used. For example, the signal output and input jacks use gold-plated non-magnetic jacks; the signal output lines are made of high-purity oxygen-free copper materials; the final output uses Some of the more famous dedicated audio pairs, etc. From the point of view of its production process, the high-fidelity audio system pays great attention to the arrangement, orientation and welding quality of internal components. For example, the pre-amplification part and the post-amplification part are isolated from each other, and the "ground" in the circuit board is used to amplify small signals. The circuit is shielded and isolated, etc. These factors have a certain impact on the playback effect of the equipment. If a certain equipment only pays attention to the selection of components and does not pay attention to its production process, its playback sound will definitely be affected. At the end of the 20th century, it was an era when high-fidelity audio was highly developed. The audio products produced at that time were excellent in terms of production technology and materials. However, in the past two years, many manufacturers of HIFI have gradually shifted from paying too much attention to sound quality. The appearance, because there are fewer and fewer audiophiles chasing sound quality, the speakers of these manufacturers are not meticulous in workmanship, and they will not be dedicated to correcting the sound.
From the perspective of replay sound, the high-fidelity audio system pays great attention to the connotation and details of the music. Through the replay of the equipment, the profound meaning of the music can be expressed, and the emotional communication with the audience can be generated during the replay. It should be able to express the subtle sounds in the music. For example, it can often be seen from audio reviews articles that when the equipment is replaying the music played by the violin, it will produce a "loose fragrance". Although this statement is a bit exaggerated, it shows that the equipment combines the pony tail of the violin bow with each other. The faint sound produced by the friction of a string is fully revealed. Most friends who like music know our famous violin concerto "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai". If you use a high-fidelity sound system to replay this piece, you can use it from the twenty minutes of violin performance. Appreciators can experience the whole process of the development of the love tragedy between Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. It is very easy to resonate with them and bring them to the fairy of "a rainbow of thousands of miles and hundreds of flowers, two pairs of butterflies among the flowers, and thousands of generations inseparable." The realm makes people cry. Some more senior audio enthusiasts have mostly heard the CD film "Will it alone" published by the Hong Kong Hugo Company. Through the playback of the equipment, the listener seems to be in a remote, ethereal, and indefinite world. This is the effect of high-fidelity audio equipment on music. Connotation performance.
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