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The fidelity of the speakers is not high, here are a few tricks!

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People have heard of a pair of large-caliber floor speakers made in the United States. Compared with desktop speakers, the sound effect is much looser and I like that sound very much. But I wonder: from a high-fidelity perspective, is the fidelity of this type of box considered high?
If compared with small speakers, the restoration of large speakers is of course more comprehensive. Mainly the low-frequency texture of the large-diameter woofer will be much better.

The perceived loose bass effect may be caused by several factors: one is that the record recording itself tends to be loose; the other is that the large-diameter woofer can easily restore the lower frequency bass, which is rarely heard in desktop speakers. To; Third, the poor absorption of low frequency in the listening space makes the bass attenuation slower, and then feels that the amount of bass is more. The above factors may be alone, or they may be combined to cause a sense of looseness in the sense of hearing.

The fidelity of the speakers is not high, here are a few tricks!

If you want to assess the fidelity, you must consider many aspects, and there will be many restrictions. For example, if large and small speakers are placed in a small listening room, it is easier for small speakers to obtain good sound field and positioning characteristics, while large speakers are more difficult; if you play low-volume music, large speakers are more effective. Advantage. However, whether the bass fidelity is high is judged by the listener's own accumulated listening experience. Normally, when playing cello or double cello music, the low frequency of the loudspeaker should be looser. When playing electronic drum music, there must be a fast and tight sound effect.
If the large speakers can handle both types of bass calmly, then it can be considered that the speakers have higher fidelity in terms of speed.
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