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Teach you to buy a "perfect" outdoor Bluetooth speaker

2021-07-13 497
We all know that Bluetooth speakers are small in size, full-featured, easy to carry and convenient to order songs. They are one of the best in the entire multimedia speaker consumer group. This has resulted in a wide range of Bluetooth speaker products on the market. How to choose a satisfactory one? Bluetooth speakers have become a category of consideration for many people. Today, the editor will mainly introduce you to the noteworthy items in the purchase of outdoor Bluetooth speakers:

1. Battery life is the key. You will not only have three or five hours of outdoor travel, so don't just take a few steps, and you will still listen to it if you run out of power! When I go out in the future, I will always think about saving some electricity for fear of no electricity, etc. Without music, there will be no power outdoors, so this is the key. The larger the battery capacity, the better.

2. It is important to be waterproof and anti-drop. It is inevitable that it will rain when playing outdoors. The waterproof level depends on their IPX level 1-10. The higher the level, the more powerful it is, whether there is a certification or not.

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3. The volume, everyone should pay attention to the purchase skills, here to share some experience with you, do not choose which speaker is small in the outdoors, everyone also thinks that it is small and convenient to carry, but they do not know that it is a It's tasteless, what kind of small speakers have more noise in the open air, which is useless at all, and the sound is small, which is noisy, and it is not enjoyable, and the battery life is short. So when you buy, if the volume is acceptable, try to choose two speakers with a bass vibrating disk. The sound is large and the sound quality is good.

4. Talk about a problem that everyone doesn't pay much attention to, that is, the Bluetooth chip. This is also very important but most people don't understand and pay attention. The chip is related to the stability of the product and the sound quality. So far, the CSR chip is relatively good. Yes, please be careful not to buy speakers with Bluetooth and card functions, because that kind of multi-functional chip is very poor and it is easy to go wrong.

5. It is portability and versatility. A speaker is best to meet portability and use in multiple different environments, such as: it can be used for climbing, camping by the sea, cycling, walking, and home use. It is perfect.

After reading the above introduction, do you know when choosing Bluetooth speakers in the future? It's time to choose a good and durable speaker for yourself!
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