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Professional version of wireless bluetooth speaker, convenient and innovative

2021-07-12 372
In recent years, wireless speakers have become more popular products for young people. Whether it is Bluetooth speakers, card speakers, or WIFI speakers, wireless speakers have become one of the indispensable devices at home. Today, I will take you to experience a different product.

It is an ultra-powerful, multi-functional, five-unit portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with a new generation of wireless amplification system. This speaker focuses on sound quality, not only has a five-sound unit system and dual high-performance power amplifiers, but also three preset audio modes.

Professional version of wireless bluetooth speaker, convenient and innovative

The sound system uses a better five sound unit system. Using a more sensitive sound unit, the 2.5" subwoofer creates a breathtaking midrange and bass. The upward impact design allows the user to be free from the listening position. The low-frequency resonance membranes on the left and right sides further enhance the bass explosive power and improve the sound field The depth and breadth of.

Dual high-performance power amplifiers, one focuses on driving midrange and bass, and the other focuses on treble effects. Ensure that the speakers present pure, high-resolution and balanced sound quality. The special thing about this one is that the subwoofer is set on the top, which lowers the center of gravity and makes it more stable.

The Sound Blaster Roo Professional Edition has a built-in three-way switch key, which makes it easy to switch to different audio modes. The three preset audio modes are warm mode, neutral mode, and vitality mode, giving users a more vivid audio experience.
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