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Three ways to teach you how to choose Bluetooth speakers

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Portable Bluetooth speakers are very popular among young people due to their convenient portability, exquisite beauty and many novel functions. However, the current bluetooth speakers on the market are mixed, and many consumers are worried about how to choose a desirable bluetooth speaker. In fact, apart from the appearance, shape, craftsmanship, etc., which can be controlled by consumers themselves, the rest of the Bluetooth speakers that cannot be intuitively felt and evaluated are the sound quality, Bluetooth, battery life and other issues. Let me tell you how to choose a portable rhyme. Mobile fashion bluetooth speaker.

1. Sound quality
Although Bluetooth speakers do not have the same large-size speakers and power as HIFI speakers, for most users, Bluetooth speakers with tablets and mobile phones are sufficient to meet their daily hearing needs. In this case, how to judge the sound quality? The most intuitive way is to listen to it in person.

For example, offline physical stores will have products for users to audition. I believe that during the audition, everyone will obviously feel the following points: firstly, the loudness of the speaker is absolutely shocking; secondly, the treble will not be broken at the maximum volume; in the middle frequency part that is most commonly used in listening to popular music and watching movies, The sound will not be distorted, and the sound will not be excessively stained; and in the low frequency part, the power is strong and the reproduction is high. A Bluetooth headset with 360° surging and powerful stereo sound is more suitable for consumers nowadays.

Three ways to teach you how to choose Bluetooth speakers

2. Bluetooth
Compared with traditional audio equipment, Bluetooth speakers have a wider audience, whether it is mobile phones, notebooks or tablets, they can be connected to Bluetooth speakers very quickly. At the same time, the version of Bluetooth is also one of the most important factors affecting the quality of Bluetooth speakers. At present, Bluetooth speakers on the market are mainly based on versions 3.0 and 4.0. Generally speaking, the higher the version of Bluetooth, the longer the battery life of the speaker, the longer the effective transmission distance, and the stronger the compatibility of Bluetooth.
In addition to the Bluetooth version, the Bluetooth brand is also an important reference indicator. The built-in Bluetooth chip is currently recognized as the top CSR4.0 Bluetooth in the industry. It has the highest device compatibility, the most reliable connection stability, and the highest quality audio transmission experience.

Three, battery life
The battery life of the speaker is the same as that of a mobile phone, of course, the longer the better. Of course, everything has a peak value. I suggest that under normal use, the ideal battery life of Bluetooth should be maintained at 8-10 hours. Take dual-unit Bluetooth speakers as an example. Their power is concentrated between 3W and 6W. If you want to achieve an ideal playback time, the battery capacity should be more than 1000mAh. At this point, ICONX3 is relatively powerful. On the premise of ensuring its own power of 2x3W, the battery capacity has reached the industry-leading 2000mAh, and its battery life can be maintained for 3 days according to the standard of 3 hours a day.

According to the above suggestions, it is basically correct to grasp the general direction when purchasing Bluetooth speakers, and there are some other more interesting functions that can also be used as reference standards for purchase. Incidental NFC function, TF card expansion, voice call function, waterproof and dustproof, etc.

In short, consumers should choose their own speaker products according to their budget and taste.
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