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HiFi audio is not just a technical standard

2021-07-10 391
Those who use standards to measure everything can only say that they don’t understand what art is! A person looks at the instantaneous dynamic world with a fixed eye. I don't know what his inner feelings are like?

First: The rational is technology, and the perceptual is art. All rational technology cannot be used to solve perceptual art problems.
Technology has standards and art has no boundaries, and audio products are used to experience music art and film art. Among them are technology, but technology is not the whole of audio.
The flowers bloom all kinds of red. The effect and the art are not measured by indicators. Many friends are poisoned by education and the product of exam-oriented education. Under the exam-oriented education, more people use a unified standard to look at problems. Otherwise, it is the product of the national system, everything is measured by standards. In this case, it is estimated that Pavarotti will not become a musician in your eyes, because he does not even know sheet music, so my dear must have learned how much. You can be called a singer in the first year of vocal music. No matter how many years you have studied and how many times you have contacted you, you might be sung by an illiterate, little-known, unremarkable little person. You have no self-confidence. This is art. Reason and sensibility coexist. Audio cannot be viewed solely from technical standards.
Art simply cannot be packed in containers and measured with a ruler. He can say that there are some standards, but he can also say that there are no standards at all. Therefore, the products produced by our people only need to meet the standards, and other invisible standards are not important, so it is difficult for China to produce good products!
Second: the six standard heights that any product must have

1: The production standard and the craftsmanship. It does not mean that you only need to meet the parameters. We also need to pay attention to workmanship and pursue perfection. This is the driving force for the advancement of society!

HiFi audio is not just a technical standard

2: Test standard, this is whether the technical standard meets industry norms and whether it meets various technical indicators.
3: Listening standard, who will listen? Who will listen? This is a relatively abstract question. Everyone has different listening views. Tchaikovsky was very happy to hear it. He said that he would use this standard. Is it ok? Where does the audience come from? Who are the products sold to? Listening standards also need a precise positioning.
4: Art standards, here is divided into two parts, audio manufacturers product design and art standards of sound art, this is not to say. Talking about personal artistic standards, a set of speakers has 10,000 voices in the hands of 10,000 people. Everyone can match their own artistic standards according to their own style and show them as their own understanding of music art.
5: Value standards, when you are like a businessman to weigh the gains and losses, when you are worthy or not, you and what you are really pursuing in your heart have gradually drifted away! Please stop measuring everything by this standard, because everything will become unworthy! Don't care about worth, don't worry about gains and losses, don't choose between worth or not, choose between love and dislike, like or dislike, no regrets, no regrets in life! So enthusiasts are very emotional!
6: The added value of the product, besides the product itself, what else can it bring to you? An attitude to life? A style? A service? Or is it a kind of vanity? As long as this product can bring you, it is its added value.
So if he doesn't have a standard, he doesn't have a standard. If he doesn't seem to have a standard, there are many standards!

Third: What is a professional speaker?
For this title, I guess you haven't figured it out yet! Professional speakers are very professional? Where are you majoring? Is he professional as long as it is voice? Where does this major mean? Watching a movie professional? Or listen to music professionally? Or as a broadcasting professional? Or professional in the car? Haha!
Answer what the "professional" in professional audio refers to, "professional" audio is for public areas, covering a large area, and the project is huge, so professional construction personnel are needed. This is what "professional" is talking about. If you want me Change him to a name that is easier to understand. It should be called Public Audio more appropriately!
Professional audio = bus, civilian audio = private car. The things that correspond to personal consumption in the world are all products that strive for excellence, because it is an individual who pays his own money to deal with the public domain of enterprises and institutions, ha ha!
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