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Selection skills of wireless bluetooth speakers

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In recent years, Bluetooth speakers have gradually become popular for many reasons. Among them, there are several important reasons. First, it can be free from wires. Only with Bluetooth can wirelessly connect speakers. In addition, the price of Bluetooth speakers Popularization, the small style of Bluetooth speakers, etc., are the keys to Bluetooth's popularity.

But with so many Bluetooth speakers on the market, how should one choose?

1. Pay attention to the version of Bluetooth

The Bluetooth version is related to the quality of the Bluetooth speaker. The higher the Bluetooth version, the more power-efficient the Bluetooth speaker, the longer the effective distance, and the stronger the Bluetooth compatibility. At present, the version of Bluetooth speakers is 2.0, 2.1, 3.0; 4.0 from the earliest 1.1 to later, so choose the 4.0 version as much as possible.

Selection skills of wireless bluetooth speakers

2. Speaker power
This involves the power of the speaker amplifier and the power of the speaker. Under the same conditions, the higher the power, the better the sound; of course, it also depends on the capacity of the speaker, such as some small speakers, if you give it too much power , When playing music, the speaker will be "unfaithful" and like to jump. People often say that the speaker can dance. Therefore, many manufacturers stick a layer of silicone pad or other things under the small speaker to prevent it from beating and increase Improve the aesthetics of the speaker.

3. Pay attention to the material of the speaker
Speaking of jumping earlier, it means that the material of the speaker is too light and is vibrated by the sound. Therefore, in the same shape, try to choose a heavier speaker, which means that the material will be thicker and will not easily resonate with the music. You can take a look when you choose, knock it, if it is a plastic part, the sound is too brittle, indicating that the material used is very thin, in addition, metal and wood materials are the first choice.
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